11.11.11 (7 weeks/5 days)

Milton is officially a JAG officer – hooray baby!  He graduated on November 10 and was able to come home for a couple of days before heading to Airborne School for three weeks.  Luckily, he was able to be here in November 11, 2011 (11/11/11).  This was the appointment of my second ultrasound.

As we sat in the waiting room, I became nervous because someone walked in and said “Hey Michelle”.  Although I didn’t recognize the face, I assumed she thought I was pregnant since my husband was sitting with me in the OB-GYN office.  We haven’t told ANYONE so I didn’t want that rumor to get out.

All of my tests came up normal and they determine I have O+ blood.  I did my regular pee in the cup and then Milton joined me in the ultrasound room.  It was cool to see how much the baby had grown in the just a couple of weeks.  As big as the baby looked he/she was really only the size of a jellybean!  The baby was determine to be 7 weeks 5 days old so that coincides with Milton’s “beginners luck” and us getting pregnant on the very first try.

I know I have a little bloat pouch sticking out.  There’s no denying it.  It’s there and I don’t think it’s going anywhere.  So much for sexy tops or tight tops or bikini tops!

It was also great having Milton in town. Although I was tired and nauseated most of the time (and am still tired and nauseated most of the time) he was my protector.  He helped around the house, cooked amazing meals and rubbed my back.  My feet stayed warm at night and it was great to have my best friend by my side.

Baby Turner is on a great path to success and we’re so excited to share our news with everyone else.  My first trimester will end close to Christmas so we’re going to try to wait until then before we tell anyone.  It will be a fun Christmas surprise!

Redbox Scare

 Redbox Scare

You know some things just seem to keep calling your name?  That’s how I felt recently each time I went to Redbox.  There was this movie on the display that I’d never heard of with black actors on the cover.  After a day of needing to rest my body, I decided to invest my dollar and check it out.  I quickly ran out the door, drove down the street and got the movie. I returned a quick time later.  Since it was just a quick trip, I didn’t set my house alarm.

As I walked into the house and closed the door, I heard something crash upstairs. I didn’t know who/what it was so I became nervous. I stood still for a second to listen for more noises.  Then I called Milton and in a whisper voice told him what happened.  He told me I needed to leave and call 911.  Being the stubborn person I am, I told him I didn’t want it to be a false call, especially since I no longer heard sounds.  But, I was still scared!

So, what did I do?  I set the house alarm and left. I pulled my car out of the driveway and waited. I figured if someone was in the house, as soon as he/she started moving the alarm would go off and my alarm company would notify the authorities.  And I waited.  And waited.  And Milton stayed on the phone, and we waited.  Nothing happened.

I eventually went back into the house and walked around upstairs looking for clues of intruders or fallen objects. Nothing was to be seen.  I set the downstairs motion detector for the rest of the night for added protection.

The worse thing about the entire night was that the movie was simply horrible!!!  I played it all the way through the end although I don’t remember watching most of it.

To make matters worse, the next day at 8:55pm I looked at the clock and realized I hadn’t returned the movie.  The last thing I wanted to do was pay an extra $1.20 to keep the movie an extra day. I rushed out of the house and pushed the pedal to the metal to hopefully get to the Redbox by 9:00pm.  I (tried) to rapidly insert in the disk, but you know it takes a second to process it.  By then all I could do was pray…. and my prayer got answered because by the time I got safely home, I received the glorious inbox stating I was only charged for one day!  Hooray!

November 2011

Milton’s Surpise (5 weeks)

This weekend in Atlanta was so amazing!!!!!  I went to ATL for a ViSalus conference and Milton met me there.  I still hadn’t told him that I was pregnant since I wanted to do it in person, but wanted to do it in a memorable way.

Once he arrived, I told him I wanted to show him how great my new Iphone 4S works.  I started recorded him.  He said a bunch of random things about our hotel room and what all he wanted to do for the weekend.  I told him I wanted to show him something.  I unzipped my jacket and had on a tank top that said “Baby Turner” on my stomach area.  He looked at it and freaked out.  He started walking around the room celebrating – and I got it all on camera.  Unfortunately, i stopped the video just as he ran up to me, grabbed me, turned us around in circles and said “I’m gonna be a dad!”

It was such a special moment!  I then explained that he couldn’t tell people for another 8 weeks.  Milton started talking about all the things he is excited to see happen with Baby Turner. He is going to be a wonderful father, just wonderful!

(Please excuse the cursing in the first video – ti’s raw and uncut!)

October 24, 2011

Spaghetti Sauce (4 weeks)

Milton and I knew we wanted to start to have kids once he returned from his JAG training.  However, because I’d been on birth control for what seems like my entire life, I stopped taking them on the day he left, July 3.  We only saw each other twice from July through September (I went to see him).  My whole cycle was off when I was not on the pill.  It took about 45 days for me to get my first period.  I took several pregnancy tests over that time (all negative), but my period would come soon after. Hold on, let me go back.

While in Charlottesville, VA for his training, Milton stayed in the hotel that most married people and people with families stayed.  So, he was around a lot of positive men and women that spoke of the value of marriage and families.  When Milton came home the first weekend of October, it was his goal to “knock me up”.  I told him that it’s more about timing than anything else.  Plus, I’m over 35 so my chances are less likely.  He believed in his Turner sperm and really didn’t care about anything else.

Milton was able to come home two back to back weekends at the beginning of October. His first weekend back we live as newlyweds and I crossed my legs all weekend so that possibly at least one sperm would make its way inside.  Since being off the pill in July, I became nauseated the week leading up to my period.  The same thing happened in October.  A week of nausea, but luckily no throwing up.  I knew it was time for my period.  I told Milton, it was getting ready to be that time of the month.

But, it didn’t come.  A week later he came in town and I was exhausted!  Once I picked him up from the airport I just wanted to crawl in bed. I was still feeling nauseated.  I went home and took a pregnancy test.  Negative.  By now I’m thinking that something else is wrong with me and I need to get checked out.  I call a couple of days later and make an appointment to see my doctor.  The appointment was set for October 17. Thursday night 10/15 after Zumba, I take another pregnancy test.  Although I don’t see anything at first, you can see a very, very, very faint and thin line going down for the plus sign.  But, it was ever so slight and it didn’t appear until about 10 minutes later.

So, Friday morning I took another test.  This time it kinda seemed as if there was a cross, but it was light in color and 15 minutes when I went to look at it, the downward line in the cross was gone.  My mind is playing tricks on me!  I looked forward to visiting the doctor and finding out what was really wrong.

Fast forward to Sunday 10/16. I woke up again pregnancy test happy so I took another one.  And this time, it took no time at all for that EPT blue plus sign to show up.  I’M PREGNANT!

October 16, 2011

60 Hours

60 Hours

I was like a kid running into a toy story.  I just couldn’t wait and was so excited!  I had to wait until 10:00 at night, but it was definitely worth it.  I pulled up, parked my car and waited at the bottom of the escalator.  And I waited some more, wondering if I’d missed him.

And then there he was!  First Lieutenant Milton Turner caught my eye, flashed me a smile and embraced me wearing his ACU uniform.  He hasn’t been home since July 3rd and was only going to be home for 60 hours. It felt great to have him in our house and to sleep next to him in our bed.  Although I won’t admit it to him, it even felt great to see his stinky socks on the floor.

We ate some of his favorite foods like Wick’s Pizza, Lonnie’s and Wild Eggs.  He cooked one of his amazing meals. The rest of the time we just enjoyed each other, caught up on some of his missed television shows and just enjoyed being loved by the other person.

Although his abs are more chiseled (thank to Army PT every morning), he still has the same personality and tells the same goofy jokes.  He still leaves the light on when he leaves a room and still rolls over every morning to give me a good morning kiss.  

That’s my husband and as much as I knew I missed him, I didn’t realize how bad it was until he was here.  I then realized it again once he was gone.  After dropping him off at the airport and returning home, I felt something was missing.  He was missing.  It was no longer the same.

Unfortunately he won’t be back for good until December (it was originally beginning of November).  Insert sad face.  But, luckily thanks to Christopher Columbus I get to see him again this weekend.  Insert a smile! If you love somebody, let him/her know.  If you’re not spending quality time with him/her, take advantage of the minutes on the clock while they’re still there.  None of us are perfect, but all of us deserve to be loved.  Remember, love comes in all shapes and sizes.  Don’t limit your definition of love to someone of the opposite (or same) sex.  Love can equally be experienced through family, friends, volunteering and following your passion.  God loves you and so do I – just don’t try to crawl up in my bed in the middle of the night and snuggle with me!

October 2011

E is for Effort

   Milton Salute

 E Is For Effort


So Milton left July 3 to report on July 4 for the Army JAG Corp.  We discovered the wonderful invention of Skype, but unfortunately it didn’t work for the two weeks he was in Fort Lee, VA.


Last Friday he arrived in Charlottesville, VA (his new home until the end of September).  The day after was Zero Day.  Anyone in their group interested in going Air Assault or Airborne must tryout.  It’s pretty much Boot Camp from he!!.  The goal is to weed everyone out and if you’re left breathing, standing and moving at the end of the day then you get a spot.

I’m not sure why Milton wanted to put himself through this torture, but he did.  Although he’s made progress, he’s not the strongest athlete.  I didn’t want him to get down about not making it so I told him in advance to think of it as extra credit instead of something you fail.


That morning around 7:30 my phone rings.  Milton calls and I can barely understand what he’s saying.  All I hear is deep breathing in the background.  Panting.  Out of breath.  Gasping for air.  I get worried and then he finally says “I made it!  I survived Zero Day!”  I was excited and overjoyed.  Once he caught his breath, I asked him about the process.


He said there were several times that he was going to stop because the exercises were just too hard for him.  There were also several times that the officers asked him if he was okay.  Milton said at the main point where we was going to walk away he thought of me, kissed his wedding ring and kept going. He said he wanted to do it for me/for us.  So now my happiness has turned into speechlessness as I realize the man that I married wants to do as much as he can to lead our family.


Once the final few men were left standing, Milton was told by the leaders that the effort and the will power he displayed to keep going is what helped him make it in the end.  It’s not always about being the best or the strongest.  Sometimes it’s about wanting it, going after it and not giving up. So, whatever you’re trying to accomplish in life, don’t be discouraged by those that appear ‘better than you’.  Strive for what you want.  Even when you feel like giving up, push a little harder because that little push may take you to the top!

July 2011