Frustrated Birthday!

Well, May 23 came – nothing happened.

May 26 came – nothing happened.

Remember a week ago from today we went to Labor and Delivery at the hospital.  I was 100% effaced and 2cm dilated. They said I would be back soon.  They said I wouldn’t make it to my doctor’s appointment on Friday. Milton went to work and they changed his entire schedule around so that he could be available if I went into labor. He worked all week.

Friday morning rolls around and Milton and I head to my 8:00am doctor’s appointment.  The cool thing was that they did an ultrasound on Baby Turner.  He didn’t look like he was trying to be bothered but our cutie is a cutie.  I’m not quite sure yet who he looks like.  He is estimated to weigh 6 pounds.

While in the hospital on bed rest all four of the doctors talked about how great it would be to get to 36 weeks.  My ob-gyn said the same.  So, here I am sitting in the doctor’s office just two days shorts of 36 weeks.  I’m excited because I met the magic number of 36 weeks which meant I should be off bed rest. W-R-O-N-G!!!!!!!  She said, “let’s try another week”. Are you serious?!  That’s what you’ve said the past two times I was here.  My birthday was the following day.  I asked if my husband and I could go to a movie.  She said no.  She let me go to church last week, but not the movie?  I’m not sure what the difference is.

We went back home. Most of Friday and Saturday (my birthday) I was very sad and withdrawn.  I felt I had followed all directions to get our child this far and for some reason whatever I was doing just didn’t seem to be enough.  I sulked in my bed for most of my birthday and didn’t want to be bothered by anyone. Milton hated seeing me this way (although he was very supportive) and said “let’s go for a ride and get some sunshine.”  It felt good to get out of the house.

Sunday, May 27 12:03am I start having contractions.  My contractions are usually on a pain scale of 1-10 a 2-3 but now they were more like a 4-5 and four minutes apart.  I call and they tell me to come in.  I really felt like it was finally going to happen.  We go in around 3:30am and they say they want to monitor me for four  hours.  The strength of my contractions decrease some, but I do start having major indigestion, heartburn and back pain.  Excruciating pain.  Like a 7-8.  Milton had to go back home and get me some tums.  Once he came back and I took some I was relieved and was able to sleep some.

At the end of four hours, although I was having contractions every 3-4 minutes, they weren’t strong enough for me to dilate any further so they sent me home.  The nurse once again said it could be any day now. Yeah, I’ve heard that plenty of times.

So now I’m back home, on bed rest and once again waiting.  Baby Turner is doing his own thing at his own pace.  One day my baby prince will come!

Swept Off My Feet, Just Like That

I woke up excited Wednesday morning because I had a pregnancy massage planned.  11:00am to be exact. Happy, happy, joy, joy!  I was 27 weeks pregnant and my body really needed it. I called my doctor’s office to see when I could come and have my cervix measured.  They didn’t know a time at first, but soon called back and said to come in at 11:00.  Yuck!  I picked up the phone and canceled the massage.  I walked in the office as normal and went into the ultrasound room. They did a transvaginal ultrasound.  As soon as they started, the lady said, “We need to get a doctor.”  Of course I became worried.  My doctor was not in the office but Dr. Link entered.  They were unable to recreate what they saw but they did save a photo of it. I was told to get dressed and the doctor would talk with me in his office.  Not good.  He said my cervix was funneling and that I needed to go home and rest. He said he’d follow up with my regular doctor and to come back in a week for another measurement.

I got dressed and went to my fitness studio to drop something off. As I was headed back down to the car, my phone rang and it was my doctor, Dr. Kuntz.  She asked if I could stop by the office.  Sure, I replied.  I’m thinking I’ll go in and come right back out and continue my errands. I walk back into Baptist East Hospital and got back on the contractions monitor.  They were still better than the day before.  I was given another transvaginal ultrasound. Although they saw some funneling, my cervix measured fine.  I was getting ready to be let go and then my doctor asked if she could go on and do a regular ultrasound so we could check the baby.

This excites me because I get to see Baby Turner again.  This time the mood changed.  They saw what they call “dynamic cervix funneling” and it was something they could only see on the abdominal ultrasound.  I knew something wasn’t right but didn’t exactly know what was going on. Long story short: my doctor called the Advanced Fetal Medical doctor, he said I need to go to the hospital with a Level III NICU, I was moved via ambulance (during a hail storm) to University Hospital and immediately placed into a room.

I tried to be cool, calm and collective until that moment.  I hated having to call Milton to tell him the news and just wanted Baby Turner to be okay. Of course he was very nervous and left work to meet me at the hospital. An IV was placed into my arm and monitors were placed on me to monitor my contractions and Baby Turner’s heart rate.  My newly appointed doctor, Dr. Weeks came in and did another abdominal ultrasound. Milton was there by this time and we were both able to see the funneling. Here’s the best way to describe it. My cervix measures fine in it’s normal state.  However, whenever I have a contraction this big funnel appears (which is my water sack) and it gets very, very, very close to my cervix – which means there’s a great chance my water could break.  This made Dr. Weeks very nervous, especially being only at 27 weeks.  So, I was told that I would be on bedrest – in the hospital – until I’m at least 32 weeks along.

This broke my heart.  I had so many plans for the month of April and now each and every one of them needed to be canceled. I thought about my Zumba studio and the fact that I wouldn’t be able to see that beautiful group of ladies for awhile.  It was overwhelming because I had no time to prepare my life for the drastic change.  Fear, stress, worry (and hunger)  all took over my emotions.  I tried to remain calm, though, because I knew it was all being done for a cute baby boy that needs to “cook” just a little longer before he can join us!

Pain, Pain Go Away!

Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow!  I have developed this pain on my back that is sharp, deep and won’t go away. It’s about an inch under my left shoulder blade and it feels like someone has two fingers that they are pressed deep into my back.  I first felt the pain whenever I lay on my left side in bed, but not it also hurts if I lay on my right side.  And, since I’m pregnant I’m not supposed to lay on my back.  So, in essence, I’m screwed!

The pain gets so bad sometimes at night that Milton has had to just hold me and try to rub out or put pressure on the spot.  I’ve tried to goggle the problem, but the pain is both on the wrong side of my body (left) and up to high to be pregnancy related.  I have a doctor’s appointment so we’ll see what happens.  I can’t go through another 20 weeks like this!

I am also starting to realize that there are certain body parts that I am no longer able to see.  This week’s ever so disappearing body part is my vagaina (also known as va-jay-jay).  I know she’s down there, I just can’t see her.  So much for trying to keep it neat and tidy on a regular basis.  Thankfully, God invented mirrors so I’ve been able to at least see it that way!

20 weeks down/20 weeks to go!

It’s a……..

The day has finally arrived.  Freaky Friday the 13th!  I was nervous 1) because we would finally see if we’re having a boy or girl and 2) it’s Friday the 13th so anything is possible.  I thought the doctor would tell us we were having twins!

It was a long afternoon leading up to our 2:00pm appointment.  Once we got there (15 minutes early) we waited for what seems like three hours.  At 2:30, the patient in front of us came out.  Although by then I was restless  and annoyed, once I saw the look on her face I was no longer agitated. You could tell that she had heard some pretty earth shattering news and tears had been shed.  Several members of her family were also there.  Although I don’t know who she is, I pray that her baby is able to recover from whatever ailments were seen.

Milton and I went back.  I drained water from my system (I went pee) and plopped myself up on the table.  She asked if we knew what we were having.  We said no.  So, she tried to take a look – and we instantly knew what we were having. Milton was overjoyed!!!  She did all of the other measurements on the baby and everything seemed to be going along well and baby Turner is healthy.

As soon as we got home we started coming up with a list of baby names, and the very next day we headed to Babies-R-Us to register for gender specific items.  Want to know what we’re having?  Watch the video!!

1st Trimester Ultrasounds

5 weeks/ 1 day ultrasound

7 weeks/5 days ultrasound

10 weeks ultrasound

12 weeks ultrasound

10 Week OB-GYN Visit (10 weeks/ 2 days)

I always get excited and nervous about an OB-GYN visit.  I know that some of my fears can be put at ease but I am get nervous because I want baby Turner to be okay and healthy.

So, today was another visit and another ultrasound.  It’s amazing how much the baby has grown in just two weeks.  Luckily everything is going fine.  I had a little brown spotting this morning but the doctor said it was nothing to be worried about. She did suggest to hold off on doing something for a minute (watch the video to see what that is). Baby is starting to look like baby!  We’re on the downward slope now for the first trimester – which means announcing our news to our family and friends.

Next stop, Fort Benning, GA to watch my husband graduate from Airborne School and come back home to me for good after five months!