10 Week OB-GYN Visit (10 weeks/ 2 days)

I always get excited and nervous about an OB-GYN visit.  I know that some of my fears can be put at ease but I am get nervous because I want baby Turner to be okay and healthy.

So, today was another visit and another ultrasound.  It’s amazing how much the baby has grown in just two weeks.  Luckily everything is going fine.  I had a little brown spotting this morning but the doctor said it was nothing to be worried about. She did suggest to hold off on doing something for a minute (watch the video to see what that is). Baby is starting to look like baby!  We’re on the downward slope now for the first trimester – which means announcing our news to our family and friends.

Next stop, Fort Benning, GA to watch my husband graduate from Airborne School and come back home to me for good after five months!

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