God? Do you still love me? (13 weeks/6 days)

God and I have been close friends for as long as I remember.  However, recently, Milton made me aware of something that I partake in weekly that may need to be cut until after my pregnancy.  It took me by surprise when he mentioned it, but it also made complete sense.

Being a lifelong non-drinker, it was never hard for me to not have alcohol while pregnant.  But, quickly I forgot about the wine we drink every Sunday at church.  We are Episcopalian, so when I say wine, I mean wine and not grape juice!  So while I think it will be fine to dip my wafer in the wine, until my next OB-GYN visit there will be no “vino” at the alter.

God, I pray you understand!

In Those Jeans w/ Belly & Booty!

Sweatpants and workout pants are my standard staple for daily clothes – and that’s a great thing.  But, everyone once in a awhile, I have to put other clothes on to hangout with friends.  Most ladies know the hatred that comes with purchasing and just putting on jeans in general.  It rarely, if ever, is a fun experience.  It especially isn’t fun when your booty and your tummy are both growing.  Operation “Let a Button Out” is officially in full effect!!

1st Trimester Ultrasounds

5 weeks/ 1 day ultrasound

7 weeks/5 days ultrasound

10 weeks ultrasound

12 weeks ultrasound

“THE” Phone Call (12 weeks/2 days)

The time was getting nearer.  My husband and I decided to wait until the end of the first trimester to tell anyone, not even his parents.  Our OB-GYN suggested we wait 13, instead of 12, weeks.  The NT Test was at the end of 12 weeks and we were told it would take 7-10 days before we received results.  I just prayed that the results came before our gathering the following weekend.

Well, THAT phone call came on a Tuesday morning, early on a Tuesday morning. You always get nervous when you see the doctor’s number pop up on your phone.  As I answered the phone, the call was short, sweet and to the point.  “All first trimester results are within normal range.”

Awesome. End of call.  Let the Happy Dance begin!!

Expanding Shirt (12 weeks)

I love to be creative.  I love making creative shirts.  I made them for my friends several years ago. One friend waited seven months to tell her out-of-town relatives she was pregnant.  I made her a shirt that said “Knocked Up”.  When I told Milton I was pregnant, he had a baby Turner shirt.  So now it was time to make a Baby Turner shirt to reveal to our family/friends.

But wait!  This time was different. Something didn’t seem to fit the same.  The battle of the bulge started stretching the letters in my mid-section.  Yikes! Please don’t tell me I’m already graduating from a size small!

December 2011

Headache Be Gone! (11 weeks/6 days)

If it’s not one thing it’s another.  I get it.  This time the pain shot straight to my head – literally!  Headache, intense headache and then an aching neck.  Yikes!  I had to refer to the pregnancy book my OB-GYN gave me to see what medications I could take.  And for the first time in my pregnancy, I had to pop a Tylenol.  I know I’m living on the edge by taking one, lol, but that let’s you know how bad the headache really was!

It’s been great to have my husband back in town and we’re finally newlyweds living as newlyweds and husband/wife.  I look forward to coming home to him after work and talking about our day.  I love when he kisses my belly our talks to our baby!

December 2011