First Kiss


   First Kiss

You always remember your first kiss, especially if it’s a special one.  I recently had one of those moments.

A little over 36 years ago I was born. And while I think it was a special day, not too many people outside of my parents seems to remember or boast about it.  Not too many people reminisce about my born day – except for Mr. Siegfreidt.  He loves to tell people that he came to the hospital on the day I was born.  Even 36 years later he is proud of that memory.

Mr. Siegfreidt and I attend the same church, St. Matthews Episcopal.  And ever since I can remember, he’s always given me a kiss each and every Sunday.  He always sits in the same front pew, greets me with a warm smile and a kiss on the cheek.  Although his movements have become slower over time and his hair much more gray, I can tell how much it means to him to see me smile his way in passing.

He’s been married 62 years but the past couple of years his wife’s health has declined. You could tell it was a struggle for the two of them to come to church together and then a couple of months ago they just randomly stopped attending.  It was just a couple of weeks before I went on bed rest.  It was odd to look in his pew and not see him there. He said his wife was no longer at a point where she could come to church and they were both now going to the service at the nursing home where they now lived.

I was so excited to go to church with Maximus so that my church family could meet him and they were overjoyed.  But, there was one person I know was disappointed not to be a part of that moment – Mr. Siegfreidt.  Well, last weekend Milton, Maximus and I finally made to the nursing home so Mr. Siegfreidt could meet Maximus.  Once again his face lit up at the sight of seeing us.  He was so proud to see that I was a mother and even more excited to hold Maximus.

But the moment I will remember most (actually I’ll probably never forget) was right before we left, he held Maximus tight and gave him a kiss.  The kiss I looked forward to every Sunday for 36 years, was now being passed down to my son – priceless!!

My Mom, My Baby, My Church

The past couple of weeks on bed rest have been fine.  Nothing really excited.  Wake up, rest, shower, rest, eat, rest, rest, Milton comes home, rest, eat, rest, sleep.

Although I could have gotten off bed rest at week 34 and 35, at each visit my ob-gyn said to stay on for one more week.  The last time I was told that was this past Friday.  I asked my doctor for an exception to see if I could go to church this Sunday.  She said yes.  If my water breaks in church it must be God’s will! I really look forward to attending church, especially close to my birthday.

My mother passed away six years ago on May 23.  My birthday is a couple of days later.  In 2006 I was looking forward to the Sunday before my birthday because my mother and I were going to go to church and take communion together.   This was an important Sunday because I would be turning 30 years old and my mother would be celebrating 5 years of living with Ovarian Cancer.  Although my mother and I always attended church, rarely did we sit together because she was in the choir.  However, we would always meet at the rail for communion.  It was a very meaningful experience.

Well, that Friday before that Sunday, my mother’s health rapidly declined and we realized she only has days to live. I went to church that Sunday and just cried my eyes out as I realized that she and I would never again have communion together.  She passed away several days later on May 23 (5 years to the date that she was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer).

So, now in 2012, I’m excited to once again go to church the weekend before my birthday.  I was in the hospital for Palm Sunday and Easter so I looked forward to attending. Well, late Saturday night (starting around 1:00am) I started feeling menstrual type cramps.  At times they were ten minutes apart.  Other times I might not have one for an hour. So, I slept it off.  Th next morning we wake up for church.  We eat breakfast.  While I’m waiting for Milton to finished getting dressed, I all of a sudden have severe stomach cramps. Like, really painful.  I became worried that once again I wouldn’t be able to go to church.  Luckily I popped in some Tums and was instantly relieved!

Church was great!  I loved seeing many of the members that have known me since I was young.  I sat through the entire service but went up with Milton to take communion. Once we got home, I took a nap.  Several hours later I started feeling pressure in my lower abdomen – like Baby Turner was trying to set himself free.

Milton and I headed to the hospital. I was once again put on the monitor.  I was having some contractions although they weren’t painful.  However, I was now 100% thinned and 1.5-2cm dilated.  I was given some terbutaline and told they would probably keep me overnight.  Luckily, in the middle of the night, my contractions slowed down and Milton and I were home around 3:30am.  HOWEVER, the doctor thinks Baby Turner will come this week.  I am to return as soon as my water breaks or if my contractions are five minutes apart.  I have a feel Baby Turner will either come on May 23 (the date of my mother’s death) or May 26 (my birthday).  TIME SHALL TELL!!!

God? Do you still love me? (13 weeks/6 days)

God and I have been close friends for as long as I remember.  However, recently, Milton made me aware of something that I partake in weekly that may need to be cut until after my pregnancy.  It took me by surprise when he mentioned it, but it also made complete sense.

Being a lifelong non-drinker, it was never hard for me to not have alcohol while pregnant.  But, quickly I forgot about the wine we drink every Sunday at church.  We are Episcopalian, so when I say wine, I mean wine and not grape juice!  So while I think it will be fine to dip my wafer in the wine, until my next OB-GYN visit there will be no “vino” at the alter.

God, I pray you understand!

Unforgotten Love

 Unforgotten Love
Some people remember every little detail about your life.  They’ve known you since before you knew yourself and take pride in all of your accomplishments.  There is a man at my church that fits this description, I’ll call him Mr. FS.  Whenever I see him out in public somewhere, he is quick to brag to people that he came to the hospital the day I was born. And ever since I can remember, he always gives me a big hug and kiss on the cheek every Sunday in church.  Every Sunday.

Mr. FS is over the age of 80, although I don’t know his exact age.  He is still married to his wife.  He has shown me the meaning of true love and ’til death do us part.  His wife’s health and memory have declined due to Alzheimer’s Disease.  It’s gotten to the point where she needs full-time care.  They moved her into a nursing home.  And guess what?  He moved there with her. She’s in one room and his room connects.

Although they’ve been there over a year, I just recently realized how deep his love is.  In the nursing home, they stay in the Alzheimer’s wing.  So Mr. FS literally spends all of his time around people that don’t remember much of what’s happening. Could you imagine living a life where you’re the only one that knows your name?  Although they have church at the nursing home, he still brings his wife to church every Sunday. They sit in the same front pew and he still gives me a wide grin, hug and kiss.

I started to realize not only how dedicated Mr. FS was to his wife, but I also realized how sad he must be.  So, I scheduled a dinner date with him at the nursing home.  I HATE nursing homes with a passion, but felt it was the least I could do to make his day.  And he was overjoyed!  I was able to witness a man so in love with his wife that he never wants to leave her side – regardless of her condition.  He pushed her down the hallways with such pride as if it were a first date.  I also better understood the reason they kept coming to our church instead of the church offered at the nursing home. Their service had mostly people unable to care for themselves. Coming to our church was his one opportunity (with his wife) for a sense of normalcy.

I pray that we all find true, genuine love.  Here’s to that person that will be there through thick or thin and is willing to protect us until the end.  As much as I still hate nursing homes, I’ll keep having dates with Mr. and Mrs. FS.  Although I’m not his wife, he has supported me in everything I’ve done so now it’s my turn.  If I can bring even the smallest amount of normalcy or light to his day, I want to do it!  Each time I see that twinkle in his eye, I know how much he appreciates it.  Mr. FS thanks for being you!

September 2011

Good Men in the Making



Good Men in the Making


It started out as just a friendly conversation based off a simple question asked often in Louisville “Where’d you go to high school?”  My response was Waggener.  The other people around then stated their answer, but one person started with, “Well, um, well first I went to Valley and then was at Doss…”  You could tell that the story had more behind it.  The guy then went on to say that he stopped going to high school his sophomore year and never finished.


However, 17 years later he is now back trying to complete his GED.  He wants to better not only his life, but his kids’ lives too.  This entire conversation happened in the St. Stephen Family Life Center right by the cable cross over machine.  The three men in the conversation all had tattoos, some had gold teeth.  They talked about their stints in jail and how they now have a better perspective on life.


They went on to discuss how they used to be a “n!gg@” but now are men and the difference.  They used to run around and do things thinking only about themselves but now they put their family first.  But the conversation continued to improve.  They started quoting Bible verses that kept them motivated.  One mentioned be able to freely now show his sensitive side.


And I just sat there in awe.  Here were three men that on the outside could be intimidating to some people.  Three men that have done others wrong.  Three men that have served their time.  But, also three men trying to make it RIGHT!  I felt so blessed and fortunate to be able to stand and listen while they continued their conversation.  They are trying to make a difference in others lives, but they already made a difference in mine.  Remember, your story still has more chapters in it and you don’t have to be defined by your current character.  If you want a better life, do something to guide you in that direction!

July 2011

Perfect Valentine’s Day Date

A Perfect Valentine’s Day Date

Feb10-3It was a lazy Saturday afternoon.  I was curled up in bed taking a pleasant nap.  Then the phone rang.  It wasn’t a number I recognized.  As I said hello, and older woman on the phone told me that her name was Betty and I had signed up to drive her to church on Sunday morning.

Crap, I thought to myself.  I volunteered to help drive people to church.  I received the email several weeks ago with the dates I was supposed to drive – but I never opened it.  I was partially bothered at the call because I had not planned on going to church on Sunday because of something else I had planned.  But as I pouted (in my mind) I continued to listen to Ms. Betty talk about how she doesn’t drive, and how she’ll be 89 in April and how she’s just so thankful that I will be able to drive her to church tomorrow.  I told her I would be proud to drive her to church and took down her address.  Then, I looked through my emails and saw “February 14, Michelle Yeager, Betty” Uggh.

I woke up earlier than normal in order drive to her house, still a little perturbed.  On the way, I decided to make the most of it and stop by Whole Foods where they had some beautiful flowers for sale.  As I pulled up to her house, she was already waiting outside.  I told Ms. Betty she’d have to turn around because I had some tulips for her for Valentine’s Day.  Her face beamed so bright.  You would have thought she won the lottery. She told me how precious I was and we went inside to find a vase.

On the drive to church, Ms. Betty told me that she was one of the founding members of my church.  (I was born and raised in my church so I’ve been there over 30 years).  She told me these amazing stories of when they met at the St. Matthews Women’s Club with the idea of forming a church and the different fundraisers they had.   I became mesmerized by her stories!  She told me past stories of parishioners that I have grown to know and love.

As we pulled into the church she asked if I would mind if we sat together.  I told her of course.  As we walked toward the sanctuary, we both spoke to people we know.  Ms. Betty bragged about me and I told people we were on a Valentine’s date.  After the service I drove her home and she wanted to spend more time talking to me.  She reflected on how grateful she was that I thought of her and spent time with her.   Although I couldn’t stay long (since I did have a real Valentine’s Day date later that day) she made my Valentine’s Day more meaningful than I ever would have imagined.

*On a side note – The Frankie Beverly/Maze and After 7 Concert was off the chain!  People were standing up and dancing in their seats on the main floor and in the balcony.  It was an old school party within a concert. (Now, some people shook a little more than they should have, but I won’t mention any names).  And, I’m sure I’m not the only one that walked out of the concert suddenly realizing that I had to work the next morning – thank goodness for snow days!

M.Y.  February 2010