From Sweats to Heels

When it comes to the looks department, I’ve always thought I was pretty average. Not drop dead gorgeous and not a troll.  I’ve never been one to wear a lot of makeup or a lot of jewelry.  Simple Simonita should be my name.  My clothing of choice – a matching sweatsuit outfit. Comfortable and easy.


This is a photo of me with my natural hair freshly washed and no makeup on. (In other words, this is the me my husband sleeps next to every night)

Plus, since I’m in the fitness industry and am a work-from-home mother, sweats are my uniform.  My hair pulled back is my signature style. Easy, peasy, normal – Covergirl! Do I like to get dressed up every once in a while? Sure.  Do I like wearing dresses? Yes. But do I also play on the fact that I look young for my age (37), have a toddler and don’t care what others think ? You betcha!

This is that same hair straightened at home (but not styled). My expression looks like I just changed my son's diaper!

This is that same hair straightened at home (but not styled). My expression looks like I just changed my son’s diaper!

But, all of that changed last month when I traded in my sweats for a pair of black thigh high boots.  I had trained for nine weeks for a fitness competition and wanted to take some photos to capture being in the best shape I’d been in as a mother. I actually dragged my feet scheduling the photo shoot because I just didn’t ‘feel it’.  The competition was over and I was enjoying food. I wanted to do the shoot, then I didn’t. I was tired. I almost canceled, but I didn’t. And I’m glad I went.

Long story short – when the photographer, Shanna Simpson, posted my photos on her Facebook page, I was speechless.  I couldn’t believe the person in the photos were me.  I couldn’t believe that my basic makeup (courtesy of Kroger and Walgreens) would turn me into someone worthy of an album cover.

MYT Shana

**Side note: If you’ve never purchased grocery store makeup, give it a chance.  The back of the eye shadow packages are numbered and tell you exactly how to apply it. Genius!

**Side note #2: If you’re having a bad hair day, or just want different hair – live on the edge and buy a wig.  My photo shoot wig’s name was Estelle.  She was delivered in a manilla envelope and lives in a plastic bag.  But honey, when she sits upon my head – we WORK. IT. OUT!

My pics helped me realize that many of the celebrities that we idolize are probably pretty simple/basic people.  I believe if you took away their makeup artists, hair stylists and wardrobists (is that even a word?) s/he would blend in with society like the rest of us. Although they are probably naturally pretty, I’m sure plenty of assistance goes into making them stunning.

I also believe all of us have a fire kitten hidden (meow!) inside of us. TRUST ME – I don’t know where the foxy mamacita came from once I put on those black boots, but I know she exists somewhere inside me.  Deep, deep down.


So, the next time you’re flipping through magazines saying to yourself how you wish you looked like (fill in the blank), put forth the effort and see if you can.  Bathe your body, throw on some deodorant, find two pair of socks that match, brush your hair (wash it first), buy some new makeup (search for coupons first), throw on some cute clothes (search your kids closet if you don’t have any) and know that sexy lives in us all!

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