Quest to Step Back on Stage

It wasn’t pretty.  It wasn’t easy – but I did it!

That’s right. I got back on the competition stage – twice!  When I started training, I wanted to do a competition in nine weeks.  However, the Tricky Jackson classic was six weeks into my training and my coach, Larry Jackson, thought I could be ready by then.  So I did.  For selfish reasons, I wanted to do that competition so that I could eat whatever I wanted afterwards for a couple of days. YUM!

3rdMastersThat show was on October 19 in Lexington, KY.  I entered the Open and Masters division (ages 35+).  I stayed the night before and thought I’d be able to relax and sleep in.  But, I found myself waking up Saturday morning at 5:00am missing my husband and toddler.  I did what any mother would – turned on the television and started watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!

At the competition, Masters was first and I was called onstage in the top three.  When it came time for the open, I was not in the first callout (the top places in the class) and was the first called out for second callout.  I was definitely disappointed. I had never been in second callout at a local show.  But I had to remind myself I hadn’t competed in over three years and just was pregnant not too long ago.  Between shows Milton and I enjoyed a wonderful cheeseburger with french fries.

Results: 3rd place Masters, 7th place Open

Instead of being discouraged, I was more determined to train hard and follow my meal plans for the next three weeks leading up to KY Muscle.  It didn’t get any easier with my family. My son didn’t understand why he couldn’t feed me his uneaten food.  My husband and I love to go out to eat, but I’d just sit there with my measured water.  I set a goal for myself and I was determined to achieve it.

KY Muscle was on November 9 in Louisville, KY.  This was a HUGE show – over 400 competitors.  I JL3decided to just enter Masters and we were the last division onstage.  The show started at 10:00am, we were on stage at 3:30pm. Long show! I was excited to be called in the first callout and moved closer to the center.

KY Muscle was a special show for me because of all the shows that I’ve done, never have I competed in my hometown.  Most of my friends have never been able to see me on stage. But at this show, they could! I was proud to place second in my class and receive the infamous sword as a trophy. I loved having people walk up to me, that I didn’t even know were in the crowd, congratulating me.  I loved being a part of a team with one of my good friends as a trainer.

People ask when I will compete again, but I tell them that was my “Hang Up the Heels” competition.  I absolutely adore being onstage, but it’s much more difficult to train when you have a husband and toddler at home wanting and deserving your attention.  I’m glad that I was able to show mothers around the world that you can set a personal goal and be successful!

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