Week One As a First Time Mother

Who knew that once you turn one day old your schedule becomes so busy!  On Monday, all before noon, Maximus met his pediatrician, my ob-gyn, the hearing check lady, the nursery gals, got a circumcision and hospital photos.  Whew!  During the tests, they discovered that Maximus had jaundice.  And while you don’t want to hear about your child being diagnosed with anything, at least this was treatable and common with 60% of babies.  Luckily, though, instead of taking him out of the room and into the nursery under the phototherapy light, they brought in what looked like a baby sized heating pad that lit up.  He had to wear it under his onesie at all times but it at least let him stay near to us.

We were discharged on Tuesday, June 5.  Everyone said discharge would be before 12:00pm.  Milton and I anxiously watched the minutes on the clock pass.  The cafeteria called asking for my lunch and dinner order.  I said I wouldn’t need it since I would be going home today, but they took it any way.  All we needed was for the pediatrician to come in and say we could go home.   Noon came.  He (the doc) didn’t.  Lunch came.  He didn’t.  I had been encouraged to walk around the floor in order to avoid getting blood clots.  Around 1:30pm I went for a stroll.  I became more frustrated because the majority of the floor was empty.  All the other pregnant women had been able to go home with their babies.

Little old me was already sick of bed rest and hospitals and now I was the only patient still waiting to be discharged.  Sadness started to set in.  The nurse finally called my doctor and he said he was on his way.  (Now why did you have to be called to come in and release me?)  He finally arrives and says go home.  However, Maximus’ bilirubin levels did not decrease so we’d have to go home with a phototherapy bed that fit in his crib.  I felt like Maximus was sleeping under his own tanning bed.  I hated not being able to hold him as much as I wanted to, but knew the more he was under the lights, the better he would be.

Our first day home felt like we were finally family.  Ma, pa and baby were all reunited and it felt so good.  Maximus loves to breast feed and thought that he should breast feed every hour on the hour throughout the night!  It felt great to connect with my child, but it was also very tiring!

On Wednesday morning we went to hospital to have his bilirubin levels checked again.  This was done by pricking his heel and taking blood.  I knew they did this in the nursery, but to watch your own son go through the process is something else.  He just cried and cried and cried and all we could do was watch him. We came home, took some newborn pics and then Milton’s dad came in town to hang out with his first grandchild.

Thursday morning was the same thing with taking blood. This time though, they needed three vials so we watched Maximus yell three times as long.  Luckily by Friday, his bilirubin levels decreased and the “tanning bed” was taken away. Milton and I were so happy when they told us the news – it was as if Maximus scored his first touchdown and we were cheering in the stands.

Milton’s mother, brother and best friend Rob came by over the weekend.

Week one of being a new first time mother has definitely been action packed.  Feeding, crying, dirty diapers, crying, feeding, dirty diapers and just a little sleep are part of my daily schedule.  But, I have been BLESSED to have such a supportive husband that wants to also be a supportive father.  Often times, I’ll breast feed Maximus and Milton will change his diaper.  Milton also makes sure I get in a nap in the middle of the day so my body has time to rest. He loves to hold and bond with his son. We are in love and in awe with what we have created and can’t believe it has only been one week!


Just when I start trying to enjoy my freedom of bed rest, life happens.  Saturday night (less than 48 hours of being off bed rest) comes and I think my water/amniotic fluids are starting to leak.  Since I wasn’t sure, we call the hospital and they encourage us to come to labor and delivery.  We arrive close to 8:00pm.  Although I am now 4 cm dilated, my water had not broken and I was sent home.

Early Sunday morning around 1:30am, I start having contractions.  Once again I start timing them.  This time they are a little more strong and are four minutes apart.  I was sick of false alarms so I wait two hours to see if they slow down.  They don’t. I wake Milton up. He suggests we go in. I say I don’t want the nurses talking bad about me since we just left.  We give them a call.  We head to the hospital.

We arrive at the hospital at 5:00am.  I am 5 cm dilated. They quickly let me know it’s time to have a baby. Whoa baby!  The contractions really start to kick in, especially in my back.  I’m talking real, genuine pain.  They ask if I want an epidural.  PLEASE AND THANK YOU!  Shortly after, the best medicine God could invent gets entered in my back.  Moments later I feel as if I can conquer the world.  I am now 7 cm dilated but I feel no pain whatsoever.  Life is wonderful. The nurse breaks my water.  Time quickly goes by and I continue to dilate.  Around 10:20am, they come in and say it’s almost time.  They get the delivery team set up in my room.  I start pushing around 11:15am – and at 11:32 our beautifully, wonderfully, joyful son was born!  They positioned a mirror so I could watch the entire thing and I’m glad that I was able to witness every minute.

Like all previous mothers and fathers say -it’s an overwhelming feeling you’ll always remember.  Neither Milton or I cried, but we were just so full of joy and excitement!

Maximus Thomas-Martin

June 3, 2012


6 pounds, 7 ounces

19.5 inches long

Frustrated Birthday!

Well, May 23 came – nothing happened.

May 26 came – nothing happened.

Remember a week ago from today we went to Labor and Delivery at the hospital.  I was 100% effaced and 2cm dilated. They said I would be back soon.  They said I wouldn’t make it to my doctor’s appointment on Friday. Milton went to work and they changed his entire schedule around so that he could be available if I went into labor. He worked all week.

Friday morning rolls around and Milton and I head to my 8:00am doctor’s appointment.  The cool thing was that they did an ultrasound on Baby Turner.  He didn’t look like he was trying to be bothered but our cutie is a cutie.  I’m not quite sure yet who he looks like.  He is estimated to weigh 6 pounds.

While in the hospital on bed rest all four of the doctors talked about how great it would be to get to 36 weeks.  My ob-gyn said the same.  So, here I am sitting in the doctor’s office just two days shorts of 36 weeks.  I’m excited because I met the magic number of 36 weeks which meant I should be off bed rest. W-R-O-N-G!!!!!!!  She said, “let’s try another week”. Are you serious?!  That’s what you’ve said the past two times I was here.  My birthday was the following day.  I asked if my husband and I could go to a movie.  She said no.  She let me go to church last week, but not the movie?  I’m not sure what the difference is.

We went back home. Most of Friday and Saturday (my birthday) I was very sad and withdrawn.  I felt I had followed all directions to get our child this far and for some reason whatever I was doing just didn’t seem to be enough.  I sulked in my bed for most of my birthday and didn’t want to be bothered by anyone. Milton hated seeing me this way (although he was very supportive) and said “let’s go for a ride and get some sunshine.”  It felt good to get out of the house.

Sunday, May 27 12:03am I start having contractions.  My contractions are usually on a pain scale of 1-10 a 2-3 but now they were more like a 4-5 and four minutes apart.  I call and they tell me to come in.  I really felt like it was finally going to happen.  We go in around 3:30am and they say they want to monitor me for four  hours.  The strength of my contractions decrease some, but I do start having major indigestion, heartburn and back pain.  Excruciating pain.  Like a 7-8.  Milton had to go back home and get me some tums.  Once he came back and I took some I was relieved and was able to sleep some.

At the end of four hours, although I was having contractions every 3-4 minutes, they weren’t strong enough for me to dilate any further so they sent me home.  The nurse once again said it could be any day now. Yeah, I’ve heard that plenty of times.

So now I’m back home, on bed rest and once again waiting.  Baby Turner is doing his own thing at his own pace.  One day my baby prince will come!

My Mom, My Baby, My Church

The past couple of weeks on bed rest have been fine.  Nothing really excited.  Wake up, rest, shower, rest, eat, rest, rest, Milton comes home, rest, eat, rest, sleep.

Although I could have gotten off bed rest at week 34 and 35, at each visit my ob-gyn said to stay on for one more week.  The last time I was told that was this past Friday.  I asked my doctor for an exception to see if I could go to church this Sunday.  She said yes.  If my water breaks in church it must be God’s will! I really look forward to attending church, especially close to my birthday.

My mother passed away six years ago on May 23.  My birthday is a couple of days later.  In 2006 I was looking forward to the Sunday before my birthday because my mother and I were going to go to church and take communion together.   This was an important Sunday because I would be turning 30 years old and my mother would be celebrating 5 years of living with Ovarian Cancer.  Although my mother and I always attended church, rarely did we sit together because she was in the choir.  However, we would always meet at the rail for communion.  It was a very meaningful experience.

Well, that Friday before that Sunday, my mother’s health rapidly declined and we realized she only has days to live. I went to church that Sunday and just cried my eyes out as I realized that she and I would never again have communion together.  She passed away several days later on May 23 (5 years to the date that she was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer).

So, now in 2012, I’m excited to once again go to church the weekend before my birthday.  I was in the hospital for Palm Sunday and Easter so I looked forward to attending. Well, late Saturday night (starting around 1:00am) I started feeling menstrual type cramps.  At times they were ten minutes apart.  Other times I might not have one for an hour. So, I slept it off.  Th next morning we wake up for church.  We eat breakfast.  While I’m waiting for Milton to finished getting dressed, I all of a sudden have severe stomach cramps. Like, really painful.  I became worried that once again I wouldn’t be able to go to church.  Luckily I popped in some Tums and was instantly relieved!

Church was great!  I loved seeing many of the members that have known me since I was young.  I sat through the entire service but went up with Milton to take communion. Once we got home, I took a nap.  Several hours later I started feeling pressure in my lower abdomen – like Baby Turner was trying to set himself free.

Milton and I headed to the hospital. I was once again put on the monitor.  I was having some contractions although they weren’t painful.  However, I was now 100% thinned and 1.5-2cm dilated.  I was given some terbutaline and told they would probably keep me overnight.  Luckily, in the middle of the night, my contractions slowed down and Milton and I were home around 3:30am.  HOWEVER, the doctor thinks Baby Turner will come this week.  I am to return as soon as my water breaks or if my contractions are five minutes apart.  I have a feel Baby Turner will either come on May 23 (the date of my mother’s death) or May 26 (my birthday).  TIME SHALL TELL!!!

My 1st Non-Derby and Allergic Reaction to Meds

Anyone that has ever been to Louisville, KY knows that the first Saturday of May is reserved for the KY Derby.  Anyone that lives in Louisville knows that Derby season starts two weeks before and there are plenty of activities and parties to keep you busy.

One of my “side hustles” is running a website for urban professionals in the area.  I give away tickets to many parties and also get to attend many of those parties for free.  It’s a great time to reconnect with old friends, get my groove on and shop for a cute outfit.  And while I thought I’d be okay to not be out and about this year – it’s starting to get to me.  This will be the FIRST year since I’ve been of age that I haven’t been able to to attend a single Derby event.  Even last year, Milton and I went out Thursday and Friday night before leaving early Saturday morning for our honeymoon.

Today is OAKS Day which is just like the Derby, but a day earlier. It’s the day many Louisvillians go to the races and all schools in the city are closed.  Many of my friends have posted their Oaks Day pics in their cute dresses and matching hats.  They all look AMAZING!  And then there’s me – posted up in bed with a t-shirt and wild hairstyle.

It doesn’t help that I am now allergic to my medicine.  I took prometrium every night in the hospital and was given a generic prescription when I left (it helps relax your uterus to prevent contractions). My first night home, my legs started itching profusely.  I assumed it was from bed sheets that needed to be cleaned.  I had the same thing happen a couple of days later and even after I took a shower, the itching didn’t stop. I looked at the bottle and it said “Do not take if you have a peanut or soy allergy”.  Yikes, I’m allergic to peanut butter.  I called my doctor’s office.  It was my doctor’s day off but another doctor suggested I take Benadryl.  I really didn’t like that solution but gave it a try.  This morning I wake up still itching some so I felt as if I had a dilemma. 1) Do I not take the medicine because of my food allergy, but risk having contractions/early labor? or 2) Do I keep taking the meds and pray nothing more major happens?

I tried calling the doctor’s office again this morning and guess what? Even they are closed and at the Derby!  I left a message at 9:00am on the voice mail of the on-call doctor.  At 3:00pm I still hadn’t heard anything.  I call back at 3:20pm then the on call doctor calls back. After hearing about my condition for the past month he decided to prescribe me something different.  Milton will pick it up on the way home.  Part of me actually started missing the hospital and the level of care I received.  Everyone (for the most part) was on the same page and a simple press of the button got me the help I needed.

Let’s hope Baby Turner keeps staying “in” so that after next week I can move around more and be out in public.

Top 9 Things I Haven’t Seen While on Hospital Bed Rest

Friday, April 29, 2012

It’s 1:30am and for some reason I can not sleep.  I should be sleeping well because tomorrow I will be released from the hospital.  I haven’t had many other sleepness night, but for some reason tonight I am awake. I’m not having contractions, I’m not nauseated, I’m not having discharge – I just can’t sleep.

Tomorrow, well now I guess it’s actually today is April 28, 2012.  It’s exactly one month from the day I “stopped by” Baptist East to see my OB-GYN and somehow that led to four weeks of bed rest in a bed that didn’t belong to me.  Here’s a list of the top things I have not seen or had to worry about while on bed rest.

1. The price of gas!  – The last vehicle I rode in was an ambulance a month ago.  I remember always passing gas stations and watching the gas prices (usually rise) but now I could not tell you how the inside of my car feels or looks.

2. Shoes! – Who needs shoes when you’re in a hospital and the only flexibilities you get are a wheelchair ride and a 10 minute walk around your floor.  Me and my socks rocked it in style!

3. Bras! – Once again, I have no reason to look cute for anyone and my belly definitely overshadows my breasts.  Although I only wore the hospital gown the first night, t-shirts and silk pajamas have kept me comfortable in bed.

4. A coat! – Who cares what the weather is outside if you’ll never get to enjoy it.  I couldn’t even tell you if it was warm or cold outside each day. Well, I did wear a coat for my Thunder Over Louisville date with Milton.  And it was Milton’s coat, it was mine.

5. Stair!  My walking has been restricted to 10 minutes on my floor.  Steps are an unheard of word.  I sure hope they don’t tire me out once I get home and have to use them to get up and downstairs.

6. Grass!  What’s that?

7. Washing machine and dryer! – Okay, I’m kinda glad I didn’t have to see those.  Thanks to my amazing husband for washing (and folding!) all of our clothes each week.

8. My Fitness Studio! – Luckily the night before I entered the hospital I taught Zumba classes.  One of my biggest struggles with being here was having the studio covered. I definitely miss all the ladies.  Even though I’m going home, I know I won’t be able to do Zumba for a little while longer. And if Baby Turner comes early, it will be a little bit longer than that!

9. A grocery store or kitchen! I’ll admit with this one too, that I’ve been spoiled with eating.  I get breakfast, lunch and dinner delivered (in bed) to me and all I have to do is look at a menu and decide which items I want. Milton is the better cook in our house and I hope I keep eating enough at home to keep my weight up.