Just when I start trying to enjoy my freedom of bed rest, life happens.  Saturday night (less than 48 hours of being off bed rest) comes and I think my water/amniotic fluids are starting to leak.  Since I wasn’t sure, we call the hospital and they encourage us to come to labor and delivery.  We arrive close to 8:00pm.  Although I am now 4 cm dilated, my water had not broken and I was sent home.

Early Sunday morning around 1:30am, I start having contractions.  Once again I start timing them.  This time they are a little more strong and are four minutes apart.  I was sick of false alarms so I wait two hours to see if they slow down.  They don’t. I wake Milton up. He suggests we go in. I say I don’t want the nurses talking bad about me since we just left.  We give them a call.  We head to the hospital.

We arrive at the hospital at 5:00am.  I am 5 cm dilated. They quickly let me know it’s time to have a baby. Whoa baby!  The contractions really start to kick in, especially in my back.  I’m talking real, genuine pain.  They ask if I want an epidural.  PLEASE AND THANK YOU!  Shortly after, the best medicine God could invent gets entered in my back.  Moments later I feel as if I can conquer the world.  I am now 7 cm dilated but I feel no pain whatsoever.  Life is wonderful. The nurse breaks my water.  Time quickly goes by and I continue to dilate.  Around 10:20am, they come in and say it’s almost time.  They get the delivery team set up in my room.  I start pushing around 11:15am – and at 11:32 our beautifully, wonderfully, joyful son was born!  They positioned a mirror so I could watch the entire thing and I’m glad that I was able to witness every minute.

Like all previous mothers and fathers say -it’s an overwhelming feeling you’ll always remember.  Neither Milton or I cried, but we were just so full of joy and excitement!

Maximus Thomas-Martin

June 3, 2012


6 pounds, 7 ounces

19.5 inches long

Coolest Easter Ever!!!

I was chilin’ in my bed (surprise, surprise) and a guy walked in with a Staples box.  I know I didn’t order any office supplies.  I saw the return label was from my cousin Lyn.  HOORAY!  I didn’t know what was in the box, but decided to wait until Milton came here until I opened it.

Later that night, Milton pulled out the box and said, “You’re gonna love this!”  Out of the box came a monkey Easter Basket with some bath products and jelly beans.  If you know me, you know I love monkeys.  My smile was so wide!  All of my family lives outside of Louisville (and outside of KY)  so I loved knowing that they were still thinking of me from afar.  Thank you so much Lyn, Rene, Myke and Aunt Juanita!

Little did they know, but in my youth and even as an adult, my mother usually made me an Easter basket. Both of my parents are deceased and won’t be here for Baby Turner’s birth, so this monkey Easter basket is a way to have a little piece of my mother in the room!

Also, I have a great smelling room!  Vicky Spencer brought some lillies, Matrid left some beautiful orange flowers, Ms. Helfrich gave me some pink tulips and I received the alter flowers from church.  I definitely feel loved and that warms my heart!

Ring My Bell

Ring My Bell

Mar 11-1So, last week I talked about the death of my engagement ring and anticipation of being reunited with the new version.  Well, there were dozens of phone calls made.  I was told I would receive the new ring last Friday.  Cool.  Thursday night, though, Milton receives an email stating I will receive it on Tuesday instead?  Excuse me? What happened to Friday, Saturday or Monday?  Once again flustered, Milton calls to look into the situation.

They couldn’t mail it by Friday but now said it would arrive on Saturday via Overnight Saturday delivery.  I was given a tracking number and watched it the entire time.  It left Seattle, Washington Friday at 4:10pm, left FedEx ramp at 7:22pm, arrived in Memphis at 12:55am, left FedEx ramp at 4:40am, arrive in Louisville at 6:27am, on FedEx vehicle at 8:00am.

Now, here’s where it gets tricky!  I teach Zumba classes every Saturday morning from 9:30-10:15am.  I placed several notes on the door asking the delivery person to leave the package at a neighbor’s house.  Before I left, I called FedEx and asked about what time they may come.  I was told that I (not someone else) must be there to sign for the package and that it would be delivered by noon.

So here it is 8:45am.  I know the package is in route and I have to teach a class. What’s a girl to do?!  I waited as late as possible to leave and drove slowly down my street in case a FedEx truck was near. I started Zumba with the wonderful ladies and told them I would need to leave right after class because of my engagement ring dilemma.  Their response was – “What are you doing here?  Go home and wait for it!”  Luckily my right hand lady Jessica was there and stepped in to teach the class.

I ran out the door, into my car and drove quickly home.  Toward the end of my street I saw something that looked like a truck.  As I approached my driveway I saw the FedEx driver pull away!  Luckily I live by a cul-de-sac so the driver had to turnaround.  As she drove toward me I jumped out of my car and jumped up and down for her to stop.  I told her who I was and she said, “Honey, I felt so sorry for you. I saw all the notes you left on your front door so I went on and left it with your neighbor.”  I told her how appreciative I was.  I got the box and drove back to Zumba.  A couple hours later Milton and I met halfway in Seymour, IN.  He opened the box and re-presented me with my engagement ring.  This new ring is absolutely amazing in an emerald cut! Let the wedding planning continue!