Ring My Bell

Ring My Bell

Mar 11-1So, last week I talked about the death of my engagement ring and anticipation of being reunited with the new version.  Well, there were dozens of phone calls made.  I was told I would receive the new ring last Friday.  Cool.  Thursday night, though, Milton receives an email stating I will receive it on Tuesday instead?  Excuse me? What happened to Friday, Saturday or Monday?  Once again flustered, Milton calls to look into the situation.

They couldn’t mail it by Friday but now said it would arrive on Saturday via Overnight Saturday delivery.  I was given a tracking number and watched it the entire time.  It left Seattle, Washington Friday at 4:10pm, left FedEx ramp at 7:22pm, arrived in Memphis at 12:55am, left FedEx ramp at 4:40am, arrive in Louisville at 6:27am, on FedEx vehicle at 8:00am.

Now, here’s where it gets tricky!  I teach Zumba classes every Saturday morning from 9:30-10:15am.  I placed several notes on the door asking the delivery person to leave the package at a neighbor’s house.  Before I left, I called FedEx and asked about what time they may come.  I was told that I (not someone else) must be there to sign for the package and that it would be delivered by noon.

So here it is 8:45am.  I know the package is in route and I have to teach a class. What’s a girl to do?!  I waited as late as possible to leave and drove slowly down my street in case a FedEx truck was near. I started Zumba with the wonderful ladies and told them I would need to leave right after class because of my engagement ring dilemma.  Their response was – “What are you doing here?  Go home and wait for it!”  Luckily my right hand lady Jessica was there and stepped in to teach the class.

I ran out the door, into my car and drove quickly home.  Toward the end of my street I saw something that looked like a truck.  As I approached my driveway I saw the FedEx driver pull away!  Luckily I live by a cul-de-sac so the driver had to turnaround.  As she drove toward me I jumped out of my car and jumped up and down for her to stop.  I told her who I was and she said, “Honey, I felt so sorry for you. I saw all the notes you left on your front door so I went on and left it with your neighbor.”  I told her how appreciative I was.  I got the box and drove back to Zumba.  A couple hours later Milton and I met halfway in Seymour, IN.  He opened the box and re-presented me with my engagement ring.  This new ring is absolutely amazing in an emerald cut! Let the wedding planning continue!

Cracker Banana

Cracker banana

Sept10-3Banana – I was sitting in the back of a meeting, minding my own business, and enjoying the great dinner they provided from Sincerely Yours.  I’m a lover of chocolate dessert, but the only thing they provided was banana pudding.  I don’t like fresh bananas although banana flavoring can sometimes add a kick to foods.  So, after eating the nicely seasoned chicken and vegetables, I decided to get a small bowl of banana pudding.

The meeting carried on and I decided to take a bite of my dessert.  I had a decent size scoop, placed it into my mouth and was prepared to continue listening.  But, AS SOON AS the pudding touched my taste buds I had an instant memory of my mother.  It was this sudden flashback of the banana pudding my mother used to make when I was a child.  I had completely forgotten that she ever made it, but the second I tasted this pudding – all the memories came flooding back!  You better believe that I went and got another larger portion of the pudding and even took some home to eat later!

Cracker  – It was a typical outing last Friday.  My boyfriend and I were in Seymour, IN and decided to eat dinner at Cracker Barrel.  I’d already had Cracker Barrel twice that week for lunch with some colleagues, but there aren’t many options in Seymour.  We browsed over the menu.  He ordered the grilled catfish and I decided on some pancakes.  We laughed and chatted as we waited for the food to arrive.  Once it did, we grabbed each other’s hands and he said a blessing for our food, families and our relationship.

We continued on eating and laughing.  Then a man walked up to us.  He put his hand on my boyfriend’s back and said, “My family and I saw that you prayed before you ate your food and we think that’s a wonderful thing.  May God bless you both!”  I was taken aback to be complimented on something we take for granted as a regular practice of our day.  However,  it also felt good to be noticed for something positive.  So often we take time to gossip and waste our energy on the negative images and actions of others.  When’s the last time you complimented someone on something you appreciate about them?!

M.Y. September 2010