Thanks Giving

Thanks Giving

It always feels nice to do something for someone else, but it seems to be a special lasting memory when you do it for someone you’ve never met!  I had that experience this past Sunday when ladies from our fitness/Zumba studio went and decorated the outside of someone’s house for Christmas.  The wife and husband had gone on a motorcycle ride right before the 4th of July.  She hated motorcycles but they decided to go on a couples ride with their friends.  On the way back from lunch, their motorcycle was involved in an accident.  He died instantly at the scene, she was thrown 90 feet and it was unknown if she would survive.

After month of hospitalizations and surgeries she was released.  It took many sessions of physical therapy for her to learn how to walk again. One of the most difficult things about the entire incident is that they have two sons (now ages 8 and 10).  The Anderson family’s life has been turned upside – just like that.  This holiday season will not be as joyful as usual.  The family wasn’t sure if they were going to decorate inside the house and knew they weren’t going to decorate the outside (because that’s what dad did and it was too much physically for the mom to do solo).

So, while the family was away, we snuck over to their house and started decorating the outside of the house.  We used some of their decorations, but also added some new items.  It was cold.  It was rainy. It was nasty.  I would have much rather been in bed, HOWEVER, I knew that my little inconvenience was nothing compared to all the struggles they’d been through.  My entire body warmed as I saw the family pull up and the smile on the mother’s face.  After hearing her story and how hard these past five months have been, I knew we helped bring them a little joy this holiday season.

The horrible ironic part of the entire situation is that while I was helping a complete stranger, around the same time, a high school cheerleading friend of mine drove up on the scene over her husband’s overturned car and now her family is struggling as he fights for his life.  Unfortunately for Helen’s situation, the main thing they need now is prayer is hopes that Chris will wake up and be able to celebrate their first Christmas with their four month old son.  So if you’re prayerful, please say a special prayer for the Vaughan family and all those struggling with family loses this year.

December 2011

A Gift/A Chance

A Gift/A Chance

Jan 11-1You never know when one person can make a difference in your life.  You never know when you will be given a chance.  If you’re lucky, you may even be given a second chance.  The thing we have to remember, though, is to never give up. Even when times seem at their ultimate low – there is still hope.

There is a story spreading across the web this week and if you think about the turn of events for this man – it’s simply amazing.  His name is Ted Williams.  Ted is homeless.  He stood on the street corners in OH with a sign that said “I have a GOD given gift of voice, I’m an ex-radio announcer who has fallen on hard times.  Please!  Any help will be greatfully appreciated.  Thank you and God bless you.  Happy Holidays.”

Most us when we drive past these signs, pay little attention to the people holding them.  However, someone stopped for Ted.  And when they did, they realized that he had the most amazing voice-over voice.  I watched the video (see below) and was very impressed.  Ted told how he was a trained radio announcer who got caught up in drugs and alcohol, but that he had been clean for two years.

You’d think it would be cool just to get over seven million hits on youtube, but his life has had more blessings than that.  He has been getting job offers out the wazzou!     An NFL director of post-production said, “My boss said to me: ‘If you don’t get him hired, you’re fired.’ … I can’t make any guarantees, but I’d love to get him some work.”  The Ohio Credit Union League: Also on WNCI this morning, Williams was offered a $10,000 opportunity to do voice-over work. MTV and ESPN also expressed an interest. The Cleveland Cavaliers have even started a website –!

Now, although this week is his time to shine, know that it’s not going to be easy for Ted.   It’s now starting to come out that he has a criminal background.  He’s had numerous theft and forgery charges and in May 2010 pled guilty to misdemeanor theft charges.  He was supposed to be on the Today Show, but didn’t have a valid ID and his address is listed as the “streets of Columbus”.

It will be a long road.  It will be a difficult road, but nobody can deny that Ted has a gift!  I’ll be interested to see how Ted proceeds with his new chance at life.  When the Cavaliers were asked about his background they said, “We’re going to start with our heart first. We’re going to start from the perspective that we think this is an amazing individual who has a lot of components in him that represent who we are and what our DNA is.”  Good luck Ted, make it count!
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Cracker Banana

Cracker banana

Sept10-3Banana – I was sitting in the back of a meeting, minding my own business, and enjoying the great dinner they provided from Sincerely Yours.  I’m a lover of chocolate dessert, but the only thing they provided was banana pudding.  I don’t like fresh bananas although banana flavoring can sometimes add a kick to foods.  So, after eating the nicely seasoned chicken and vegetables, I decided to get a small bowl of banana pudding.

The meeting carried on and I decided to take a bite of my dessert.  I had a decent size scoop, placed it into my mouth and was prepared to continue listening.  But, AS SOON AS the pudding touched my taste buds I had an instant memory of my mother.  It was this sudden flashback of the banana pudding my mother used to make when I was a child.  I had completely forgotten that she ever made it, but the second I tasted this pudding – all the memories came flooding back!  You better believe that I went and got another larger portion of the pudding and even took some home to eat later!

Cracker  – It was a typical outing last Friday.  My boyfriend and I were in Seymour, IN and decided to eat dinner at Cracker Barrel.  I’d already had Cracker Barrel twice that week for lunch with some colleagues, but there aren’t many options in Seymour.  We browsed over the menu.  He ordered the grilled catfish and I decided on some pancakes.  We laughed and chatted as we waited for the food to arrive.  Once it did, we grabbed each other’s hands and he said a blessing for our food, families and our relationship.

We continued on eating and laughing.  Then a man walked up to us.  He put his hand on my boyfriend’s back and said, “My family and I saw that you prayed before you ate your food and we think that’s a wonderful thing.  May God bless you both!”  I was taken aback to be complimented on something we take for granted as a regular practice of our day.  However,  it also felt good to be noticed for something positive.  So often we take time to gossip and waste our energy on the negative images and actions of others.  When’s the last time you complimented someone on something you appreciate about them?!

M.Y. September 2010