Week One As a First Time Mother

Who knew that once you turn one day old your schedule becomes so busy!  On Monday, all before noon, Maximus met his pediatrician, my ob-gyn, the hearing check lady, the nursery gals, got a circumcision and hospital photos.  Whew!  During the tests, they discovered that Maximus had jaundice.  And while you don’t want to hear about your child being diagnosed with anything, at least this was treatable and common with 60% of babies.  Luckily, though, instead of taking him out of the room and into the nursery under the phototherapy light, they brought in what looked like a baby sized heating pad that lit up.  He had to wear it under his onesie at all times but it at least let him stay near to us.

We were discharged on Tuesday, June 5.  Everyone said discharge would be before 12:00pm.  Milton and I anxiously watched the minutes on the clock pass.  The cafeteria called asking for my lunch and dinner order.  I said I wouldn’t need it since I would be going home today, but they took it any way.  All we needed was for the pediatrician to come in and say we could go home.   Noon came.  He (the doc) didn’t.  Lunch came.  He didn’t.  I had been encouraged to walk around the floor in order to avoid getting blood clots.  Around 1:30pm I went for a stroll.  I became more frustrated because the majority of the floor was empty.  All the other pregnant women had been able to go home with their babies.

Little old me was already sick of bed rest and hospitals and now I was the only patient still waiting to be discharged.  Sadness started to set in.  The nurse finally called my doctor and he said he was on his way.  (Now why did you have to be called to come in and release me?)  He finally arrives and says go home.  However, Maximus’ bilirubin levels did not decrease so we’d have to go home with a phototherapy bed that fit in his crib.  I felt like Maximus was sleeping under his own tanning bed.  I hated not being able to hold him as much as I wanted to, but knew the more he was under the lights, the better he would be.

Our first day home felt like we were finally family.  Ma, pa and baby were all reunited and it felt so good.  Maximus loves to breast feed and thought that he should breast feed every hour on the hour throughout the night!  It felt great to connect with my child, but it was also very tiring!

On Wednesday morning we went to hospital to have his bilirubin levels checked again.  This was done by pricking his heel and taking blood.  I knew they did this in the nursery, but to watch your own son go through the process is something else.  He just cried and cried and cried and all we could do was watch him. We came home, took some newborn pics and then Milton’s dad came in town to hang out with his first grandchild.

Thursday morning was the same thing with taking blood. This time though, they needed three vials so we watched Maximus yell three times as long.  Luckily by Friday, his bilirubin levels decreased and the “tanning bed” was taken away. Milton and I were so happy when they told us the news – it was as if Maximus scored his first touchdown and we were cheering in the stands.

Milton’s mother, brother and best friend Rob came by over the weekend.

Week one of being a new first time mother has definitely been action packed.  Feeding, crying, dirty diapers, crying, feeding, dirty diapers and just a little sleep are part of my daily schedule.  But, I have been BLESSED to have such a supportive husband that wants to also be a supportive father.  Often times, I’ll breast feed Maximus and Milton will change his diaper.  Milton also makes sure I get in a nap in the middle of the day so my body has time to rest. He loves to hold and bond with his son. We are in love and in awe with what we have created and can’t believe it has only been one week!

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