My 1st Non-Derby and Allergic Reaction to Meds

Anyone that has ever been to Louisville, KY knows that the first Saturday of May is reserved for the KY Derby.  Anyone that lives in Louisville knows that Derby season starts two weeks before and there are plenty of activities and parties to keep you busy.

One of my “side hustles” is running a website for urban professionals in the area.  I give away tickets to many parties and also get to attend many of those parties for free.  It’s a great time to reconnect with old friends, get my groove on and shop for a cute outfit.  And while I thought I’d be okay to not be out and about this year – it’s starting to get to me.  This will be the FIRST year since I’ve been of age that I haven’t been able to to attend a single Derby event.  Even last year, Milton and I went out Thursday and Friday night before leaving early Saturday morning for our honeymoon.

Today is OAKS Day which is just like the Derby, but a day earlier. It’s the day many Louisvillians go to the races and all schools in the city are closed.  Many of my friends have posted their Oaks Day pics in their cute dresses and matching hats.  They all look AMAZING!  And then there’s me – posted up in bed with a t-shirt and wild hairstyle.

It doesn’t help that I am now allergic to my medicine.  I took prometrium every night in the hospital and was given a generic prescription when I left (it helps relax your uterus to prevent contractions). My first night home, my legs started itching profusely.  I assumed it was from bed sheets that needed to be cleaned.  I had the same thing happen a couple of days later and even after I took a shower, the itching didn’t stop. I looked at the bottle and it said “Do not take if you have a peanut or soy allergy”.  Yikes, I’m allergic to peanut butter.  I called my doctor’s office.  It was my doctor’s day off but another doctor suggested I take Benadryl.  I really didn’t like that solution but gave it a try.  This morning I wake up still itching some so I felt as if I had a dilemma. 1) Do I not take the medicine because of my food allergy, but risk having contractions/early labor? or 2) Do I keep taking the meds and pray nothing more major happens?

I tried calling the doctor’s office again this morning and guess what? Even they are closed and at the Derby!  I left a message at 9:00am on the voice mail of the on-call doctor.  At 3:00pm I still hadn’t heard anything.  I call back at 3:20pm then the on call doctor calls back. After hearing about my condition for the past month he decided to prescribe me something different.  Milton will pick it up on the way home.  Part of me actually started missing the hospital and the level of care I received.  Everyone (for the most part) was on the same page and a simple press of the button got me the help I needed.

Let’s hope Baby Turner keeps staying “in” so that after next week I can move around more and be out in public.

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