It’s a……..

The day has finally arrived.  Freaky Friday the 13th!  I was nervous 1) because we would finally see if we’re having a boy or girl and 2) it’s Friday the 13th so anything is possible.  I thought the doctor would tell us we were having twins!

It was a long afternoon leading up to our 2:00pm appointment.  Once we got there (15 minutes early) we waited for what seems like three hours.  At 2:30, the patient in front of us came out.  Although by then I was restless  and annoyed, once I saw the look on her face I was no longer agitated. You could tell that she had heard some pretty earth shattering news and tears had been shed.  Several members of her family were also there.  Although I don’t know who she is, I pray that her baby is able to recover from whatever ailments were seen.

Milton and I went back.  I drained water from my system (I went pee) and plopped myself up on the table.  She asked if we knew what we were having.  We said no.  So, she tried to take a look – and we instantly knew what we were having. Milton was overjoyed!!!  She did all of the other measurements on the baby and everything seemed to be going along well and baby Turner is healthy.

As soon as we got home we started coming up with a list of baby names, and the very next day we headed to Babies-R-Us to register for gender specific items.  Want to know what we’re having?  Watch the video!!

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