First Trimester Complaints and Pregnancy Acne (6 weeks/5 days)

Who said that being pregnant was fun?  I’m still waiting for that to happen.

I wake up feeling crappy, I got to sleep feeling crappy and I look crappy.

AND – I have to internalize it all instead of let the world know.  I’m going baby crazy. I’m bloated with acne with a queezie stomach all day.

Baby Turner is definitely giving me a run for my money honey!

Daylight Savings Time, Zumba and Feeling Like Crap (6 weeks/4 days)

My bed and I have become the bestest of friends. I mean I would do absolutely anything for my bed. She’s been there for me through thick or thin. And whether it’s late at night or in the middle of the afternoon, she always welcomes and embraces me with open arms.

I kinda wish my bed was eligible for frequent flyer points because I would be racking up! I should have earned at least a free roundtrip to Africa!

November 3, 2011

Project Vomit (6 weeks/3 days)

So, after my first ob-gyn visit on October 24 I’d noticed that I didn’t feel as nauseated as before and that started to worry me.  I thought my next doctor’s visit was on November 4, but it ended up being on November 11 – so I had another week.  That didn’t help my worries.

Well, never ever say that God doesn’t give you what you ask for.  I wanted to know that Baby Turner was okay.  I needed some type of sign.  Well, on Tuesday, November 1, the sign came.  I had just finished eating some biscuits and apple juice and was downstairs in the basement on the computer.  Less than five minutes of being down there I felt this big rush come to my throat!  I became light headed and nauseated.  I quickly walked up the stairs and stood over the sink (not sure why I didn’t stand over the toilet).  30 seconds later up came the apple juice and some of my biscuits.  10 seconds later, up came all the rest of breakfast.  It wasn’t cute.  It wasn’t sexy.  It’s didn’t look good to the human eye!

As I scooped out the big pieces of chewed up biscuits and threw them in the toilet I all of a sudden knew Baby T was still successfully baking in the oven!  I thanked God for the sign but also prayed that I not have those signs on a regular basis.  I crawled upstairs into bed for the rest of the afternoon and took it as easy as possible until I had to go teach Zumba.

Who knew growing a baby (especially at these beginning stages) would be so physically challenging!

Spaghetti Sauce (4 weeks)

Milton and I knew we wanted to start to have kids once he returned from his JAG training.  However, because I’d been on birth control for what seems like my entire life, I stopped taking them on the day he left, July 3.  We only saw each other twice from July through September (I went to see him).  My whole cycle was off when I was not on the pill.  It took about 45 days for me to get my first period.  I took several pregnancy tests over that time (all negative), but my period would come soon after. Hold on, let me go back.

While in Charlottesville, VA for his training, Milton stayed in the hotel that most married people and people with families stayed.  So, he was around a lot of positive men and women that spoke of the value of marriage and families.  When Milton came home the first weekend of October, it was his goal to “knock me up”.  I told him that it’s more about timing than anything else.  Plus, I’m over 35 so my chances are less likely.  He believed in his Turner sperm and really didn’t care about anything else.

Milton was able to come home two back to back weekends at the beginning of October. His first weekend back we live as newlyweds and I crossed my legs all weekend so that possibly at least one sperm would make its way inside.  Since being off the pill in July, I became nauseated the week leading up to my period.  The same thing happened in October.  A week of nausea, but luckily no throwing up.  I knew it was time for my period.  I told Milton, it was getting ready to be that time of the month.

But, it didn’t come.  A week later he came in town and I was exhausted!  Once I picked him up from the airport I just wanted to crawl in bed. I was still feeling nauseated.  I went home and took a pregnancy test.  Negative.  By now I’m thinking that something else is wrong with me and I need to get checked out.  I call a couple of days later and make an appointment to see my doctor.  The appointment was set for October 17. Thursday night 10/15 after Zumba, I take another pregnancy test.  Although I don’t see anything at first, you can see a very, very, very faint and thin line going down for the plus sign.  But, it was ever so slight and it didn’t appear until about 10 minutes later.

So, Friday morning I took another test.  This time it kinda seemed as if there was a cross, but it was light in color and 15 minutes when I went to look at it, the downward line in the cross was gone.  My mind is playing tricks on me!  I looked forward to visiting the doctor and finding out what was really wrong.

Fast forward to Sunday 10/16. I woke up again pregnancy test happy so I took another one.  And this time, it took no time at all for that EPT blue plus sign to show up.  I’M PREGNANT!

October 16, 2011