Project Vomit (6 weeks/3 days)

So, after my first ob-gyn visit on October 24 I’d noticed that I didn’t feel as nauseated as before and that started to worry me.  I thought my next doctor’s visit was on November 4, but it ended up being on November 11 – so I had another week.  That didn’t help my worries.

Well, never ever say that God doesn’t give you what you ask for.  I wanted to know that Baby Turner was okay.  I needed some type of sign.  Well, on Tuesday, November 1, the sign came.  I had just finished eating some biscuits and apple juice and was downstairs in the basement on the computer.  Less than five minutes of being down there I felt this big rush come to my throat!  I became light headed and nauseated.  I quickly walked up the stairs and stood over the sink (not sure why I didn’t stand over the toilet).  30 seconds later up came the apple juice and some of my biscuits.  10 seconds later, up came all the rest of breakfast.  It wasn’t cute.  It wasn’t sexy.  It’s didn’t look good to the human eye!

As I scooped out the big pieces of chewed up biscuits and threw them in the toilet I all of a sudden knew Baby T was still successfully baking in the oven!  I thanked God for the sign but also prayed that I not have those signs on a regular basis.  I crawled upstairs into bed for the rest of the afternoon and took it as easy as possible until I had to go teach Zumba.

Who knew growing a baby (especially at these beginning stages) would be so physically challenging!

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