1st OB-GYN Visit (5 weeks/4 days)

The Monday after spending the weekend with Milton, I had my first OB-GYN visit on October 24 at 1:00pm.  As excited Milton was for us to have a baby, I wanted to get through the doctor visit to know that everything was going well.  This ended up being probably the longest doctor visit ever!

It started with waiting in the waiting room.  Two families with newborns were waiting for their appointment and one couple with their second child said this was definitely their last.  They shared baby stories and suggestions and I just eavesdropped.

Once Mrs. Turner (me) was called back, the first thing that was done was to pee in a cup and take my weight and blood pressure with the nurse.  From there I went into the doctor’s office (not a patient room but an actual office with a desk and chair) and talked with my doctor.  We talked a lot about medical history, the tests I wanted to have run and some of the things to expect.  She wanted to schedule some follow up tests based on our discussions.  I realized that I know a lot about my family history, but very little about Milton’s.  We definitely need to have that discussion this weekend.

From there I went into a patient room where we did my paps smear.  I asked the Dr. K about this bulge already sticking out and whether I was fat or having twins.  She said it was neither and that I was probably bloated (and would stay bloated for most of the time).

After that we went into another room for the ultrasound.  This was the part I was most excited about.  As they looked at the ultrasound, they said everything looked smaller than where they had me along in my pregnancy.  They asked when my last period was. I said I thought it was September 7 (because I really didn’t keep track and it was varied once I got off the pill).  However, I did know the last time my husband and I had sex.  Since he’s out of town, our date of “making baby” was easily trackable.  Once I told them that day, they realized I was less far along than the assumed. And because of that, the photo matched how far along I was.  So, no baby to look at yet.  Just a yolk sac.

So another ultrasound is schedule in two weeks.  And now I’m nervous.  I went home and googled different images of 4/5 week ultrasounds and couldn’t find any that looked like mine.  I pray that everything is okay and that Baby Turner is still developing okay.  I’m ready to start a family and be a wonderful mother.  Come on baby Turner, let’s start developing into a healthy baby!!!

October 26, 2011

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