Milton’s Surpise (5 weeks)

This weekend in Atlanta was so amazing!!!!!  I went to ATL for a ViSalus conference and Milton met me there.  I still hadn’t told him that I was pregnant since I wanted to do it in person, but wanted to do it in a memorable way.

Once he arrived, I told him I wanted to show him how great my new Iphone 4S works.  I started recorded him.  He said a bunch of random things about our hotel room and what all he wanted to do for the weekend.  I told him I wanted to show him something.  I unzipped my jacket and had on a tank top that said “Baby Turner” on my stomach area.  He looked at it and freaked out.  He started walking around the room celebrating – and I got it all on camera.  Unfortunately, i stopped the video just as he ran up to me, grabbed me, turned us around in circles and said “I’m gonna be a dad!”

It was such a special moment!  I then explained that he couldn’t tell people for another 8 weeks.  Milton started talking about all the things he is excited to see happen with Baby Turner. He is going to be a wonderful father, just wonderful!

(Please excuse the cursing in the first video – ti’s raw and uncut!)

October 24, 2011

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