E is for Effort

   Milton Salute

 E Is For Effort


So Milton left July 3 to report on July 4 for the Army JAG Corp.  We discovered the wonderful invention of Skype, but unfortunately it didn’t work for the two weeks he was in Fort Lee, VA.


Last Friday he arrived in Charlottesville, VA (his new home until the end of September).  The day after was Zero Day.  Anyone in their group interested in going Air Assault or Airborne must tryout.  It’s pretty much Boot Camp from he!!.  The goal is to weed everyone out and if you’re left breathing, standing and moving at the end of the day then you get a spot.

I’m not sure why Milton wanted to put himself through this torture, but he did.  Although he’s made progress, he’s not the strongest athlete.  I didn’t want him to get down about not making it so I told him in advance to think of it as extra credit instead of something you fail.


That morning around 7:30 my phone rings.  Milton calls and I can barely understand what he’s saying.  All I hear is deep breathing in the background.  Panting.  Out of breath.  Gasping for air.  I get worried and then he finally says “I made it!  I survived Zero Day!”  I was excited and overjoyed.  Once he caught his breath, I asked him about the process.


He said there were several times that he was going to stop because the exercises were just too hard for him.  There were also several times that the officers asked him if he was okay.  Milton said at the main point where we was going to walk away he thought of me, kissed his wedding ring and kept going. He said he wanted to do it for me/for us.  So now my happiness has turned into speechlessness as I realize the man that I married wants to do as much as he can to lead our family.


Once the final few men were left standing, Milton was told by the leaders that the effort and the will power he displayed to keep going is what helped him make it in the end.  It’s not always about being the best or the strongest.  Sometimes it’s about wanting it, going after it and not giving up. So, whatever you’re trying to accomplish in life, don’t be discouraged by those that appear ‘better than you’.  Strive for what you want.  Even when you feel like giving up, push a little harder because that little push may take you to the top!

July 2011

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