Wealth of Knowledge


Wealth of Knowledge

None of us know everything about everything.  Most of know nothing about most things.  Some of us are full of things.  And a few of us know a wealth of information about one thing.

I found this last part to be true about a woman here in Louisville.  For the longest time I just knew her by the posts she’d put on Facebook.  Then I became intrigued by her through the photos she posted of various women in Louisville rockin’ out their own style. The more I paid attention to what she said, the more I was able to see the passion she possessed.  It wasn’t until a Zumba class a couple of weeks ago that I finally got to match the face behind the name.

Her name is Cherilyn and her group is called Derby City Naturals.  If you live in Louisville (or even somewhere else) you need to check out her blog and Facebook group.  It is one of the most thorough sites you’ll see dedicated to natural hair, hair products and just celebrating beautiful black women of all varieties!

Just this week I had a conversation with her about the very likely possibility of doing the Big Chop toward the end of summer.  She gave all types of wonderful advice and suggestions.  But the thing I appreciated best about our conversation is that with each statement, she would begin it with “For me, I….”  She never came across as being the end all be all for hair.  She solely talked about her personal experience and what she’s observed from others.

You can hear the thrill in her voice whenever she talks about natural hair and I can’t wait to see where all of her experiences lead her.  Whether it’s a national blog, advice column in a hair magazine or voice on a 9-1-1 emergency hair help line – her passion with be celebrated in a big way!

Derby City Naturals just celebrated their one year anniversary and tomorrow night they are having a Coils and Cocktails Event (see Events section of the Newsletter/website).  If you are currently natural, thinking about going natural or just love the idea, please come mix and mingle.  Cherilyn – thanks for being you!!

5 thoughts on “Wealth of Knowledge

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  2. Awesome Cherilyn. How great it is to be recognized for something that u love to do. As I’ve told you, your page is one of the first natural FB pages I had come across when I first started my transition. The fact that you were Louisville based was icing on the cake. I have enjoyed meeting you and gaining knowledge about natural hair. Congrats!!


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