Miss Me Some You


Miss Me Some You

Sometimes you don’t know what you’re truly missing until you actually have it in your life.  That’s how I’ve felt these past two month being married to Milton.  As an only child, I always felt that I could be a strong, independent female that could roll solo and conquer the world.  And while that wasn’t always such a bad thing, I also longed to have someone consistently by my side.

In walks Milton.  You never know how married life will be once the honeymoon is over.  Will we get sick of each other?  Will his snoring keep me up at night?  Does he know how to put the toilet seat down?  It’s all a mystery.  Milton and I had the entire month of June together – and I mean the ENTIRE month!  He didn’t work the entire month so that we could spend quality newlywed time together.  Wherever I went, he was there.  Zumba- check.  St. Stephen Family Life Center – check.  Grocery Store – check.  Bathroom – uncheck, lol!

And our month together was great.  We found shows that we both like to watch.  Enjoyed just being around each other and doing nothing.  We even found solutions to household things.  For example, Milton loves to cook, but not clean.  Well, I love to clean, but not cook.  Problem solved.  He hates folding clothes but doesn’t mind putting them in/taking them out of the washer/dryer. Wonderful.

Everything was going well and we were learning to love each other (and our differences) and then the 4th of July hit.  Yes, this holiday was one that I will never forget.  On Monday at 12:00pm, while everyone else was getting ready for their BBQs, my dear Milton was in Fort Lee, VA checking in for the first time as a US Army JAG Officer.  And while I was super excited for him, I was saddened that my best friend was gone.  I never really realized how much an important part of my life he was until I sat in our room and he wasn’t there.

Bad news is he won’t be back in Louisville until close to Thanksgiving.  Good news is that I can still go and visit during part of the time he’s in Charlottesville, VA.  So while he’s gone I’m getting involved with some new ventures and ways to keep Louisville healthy – more details about that coming soon!

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