Not Good Vision


Not Good Vision

     At first I was excited.  I won.  That’s right – two free tickets through Vision Airlines.  The new hubby and I planned a short weekend getaway to Miami.  I went on Vision’s website and saw that they only fly in/out of Ft. Lauderdale on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.   I called the 800# to arrange our flight and was told “the lady” that does this was not working on that day.  Excuse me?  I call back the next morning and she isn’t in yet.  I ask for a supervisor, they say she’s on vacation for the week.  As you can tell, I already seem leery about my flight.

     Eventually the reservations get made and we’re packed and headed to the airport.  As we walk up to the ticket counter, the sign says you must check in 45 minutes before your flight.  No problem, we are there an hour early.  However, nobody is behind the Vision ticket counter.  All the other airlines have workers.  I ask one of them for assistance and they go find someone to come and help us.

     Finally get checked in, to our gate and start to board.  They board from the back of the place so once we (in seats 7a & 7b) board, the entire front overhead compartments are full.We must put our things toward the back.

     Off we go – I will give them credit for giving us a full size back of either pretzels or Famous Amos cookies.

     Miami – simply  amazing.  Weather – simply hot.  Bonding time – cherished.  Time to fly back.  We check in and go to our gate for our 2:05 departure.  2:00 comes and there is no plane.  Not only is there no plane, there is nobody from Vision airlines at the gate to help anyone.  So we just sit there.  Plane finally arrives, everyone boards, and we once again put our carryon luggage even further back.

      While on the plane, one of the passengers says that they didn’t have her ticket printed so they HAND WROTE her a boarding pass.  Can you imagine trying to get through security with a handwritten boarding pass?  She said it was not an easy process.  The entire trip home I had vision of Southwest Airlines, oh how I miss thee!

      It was a free trip so I can’t complain a whole lot.  I know they are a start-up commercial company.  However, I miss the great customer service and communication that I receive with most of the other airlines.  Sometimes you get what you pay for – so just be careful.

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