11.11.11 (7 weeks/5 days)

Milton is officially a JAG officer – hooray baby!  He graduated on November 10 and was able to come home for a couple of days before heading to Airborne School for three weeks.  Luckily, he was able to be here in November 11, 2011 (11/11/11).  This was the appointment of my second ultrasound.

As we sat in the waiting room, I became nervous because someone walked in and said “Hey Michelle”.  Although I didn’t recognize the face, I assumed she thought I was pregnant since my husband was sitting with me in the OB-GYN office.  We haven’t told ANYONE so I didn’t want that rumor to get out.

All of my tests came up normal and they determine I have O+ blood.  I did my regular pee in the cup and then Milton joined me in the ultrasound room.  It was cool to see how much the baby had grown in the just a couple of weeks.  As big as the baby looked he/she was really only the size of a jellybean!  The baby was determine to be 7 weeks 5 days old so that coincides with Milton’s “beginners luck” and us getting pregnant on the very first try.

I know I have a little bloat pouch sticking out.  There’s no denying it.  It’s there and I don’t think it’s going anywhere.  So much for sexy tops or tight tops or bikini tops!

It was also great having Milton in town. Although I was tired and nauseated most of the time (and am still tired and nauseated most of the time) he was my protector.  He helped around the house, cooked amazing meals and rubbed my back.  My feet stayed warm at night and it was great to have my best friend by my side.

Baby Turner is on a great path to success and we’re so excited to share our news with everyone else.  My first trimester will end close to Christmas so we’re going to try to wait until then before we tell anyone.  It will be a fun Christmas surprise!

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