What in the World?!

My First Figure Competition (March 2008)

My First Figure Competition (March 2008)


I always told people that I would never do it again. I said that I didn’t miss it. I talked about how I enjoyed watching other people do it, just not me. Well, fast forward two years and I take everything I’ve said back.

I was sitting at home on my bed and this random thought came into my head. The voice yelled in my ear, “Michelle, you need to compete again!” I NEED TO WHAT?! Huh? Do you realize I just had a baby last year and that my body is no longer shaped the same? What?! Have you seen my mommy pooch or my ‘close to 40’ butt? Yikes!!! Do you know how much I value a nap? What in the world?

I then found my fingers reaching for my cell phone to see when the next local competition is. It’s 9.5 weeks away. Oh boy! I begin to wonder 1) where were these thoughts coming from and 2) who will think I’m crazy for wanting to do it and talk me out of it.

So, I first call my friend Larry Jackson who trains ladies to compete. His response was, “Let’s Do It!” He said to throw on a bikini and send him a picture. A bikini? Me? I used to rock a bikini with pride, but now they hide in the back of my closet. Whew. I told him I needed to pray about it and that I’d either send him a photo in my bathing suit or some random crazy picture to let him know my mind isn’t right.

I knew there was one person I could depend on to talk me off the competition ledge – my husband. He always talked about how he didn’t like it when I competed because I was no fun to be around when I lack carbs. Surely he doesn’t want Carbless Barbie Michelle laying next to him every night. I picked up the phone to call him. His response – “Go For It!” Say what?! Do what?! Huh?

Everyone around me was supporting my decision. I thought it would be cool to try to get in shape to compete. My body is in no way the shape it used to be and my muscle defiinition has decreased. I may have to enter bikini instead of figure (which bothers me) but it could be fun.

So ladies and gents, my goal is to compete in 9 weeks. I’m hoping to bring my abs out of hiding and tighten up my glutes. I know nutrition is going to be key and I’ll be using a meal plan and the Visalus products in addition to my workouts. Wish me luck and say a prayer – I sure do need them!

Redbox Scare

 Redbox Scare

You know some things just seem to keep calling your name?  That’s how I felt recently each time I went to Redbox.  There was this movie on the display that I’d never heard of with black actors on the cover.  After a day of needing to rest my body, I decided to invest my dollar and check it out.  I quickly ran out the door, drove down the street and got the movie. I returned a quick time later.  Since it was just a quick trip, I didn’t set my house alarm.

As I walked into the house and closed the door, I heard something crash upstairs. I didn’t know who/what it was so I became nervous. I stood still for a second to listen for more noises.  Then I called Milton and in a whisper voice told him what happened.  He told me I needed to leave and call 911.  Being the stubborn person I am, I told him I didn’t want it to be a false call, especially since I no longer heard sounds.  But, I was still scared!

So, what did I do?  I set the house alarm and left. I pulled my car out of the driveway and waited. I figured if someone was in the house, as soon as he/she started moving the alarm would go off and my alarm company would notify the authorities.  And I waited.  And waited.  And Milton stayed on the phone, and we waited.  Nothing happened.

I eventually went back into the house and walked around upstairs looking for clues of intruders or fallen objects. Nothing was to be seen.  I set the downstairs motion detector for the rest of the night for added protection.

The worse thing about the entire night was that the movie was simply horrible!!!  I played it all the way through the end although I don’t remember watching most of it.

To make matters worse, the next day at 8:55pm I looked at the clock and realized I hadn’t returned the movie.  The last thing I wanted to do was pay an extra $1.20 to keep the movie an extra day. I rushed out of the house and pushed the pedal to the metal to hopefully get to the Redbox by 9:00pm.  I (tried) to rapidly insert in the disk, but you know it takes a second to process it.  By then all I could do was pray…. and my prayer got answered because by the time I got safely home, I received the glorious inbox stating I was only charged for one day!  Hooray!

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