What in the World?!

My First Figure Competition (March 2008)

My First Figure Competition (March 2008)


I always told people that I would never do it again. I said that I didn’t miss it. I talked about how I enjoyed watching other people do it, just not me. Well, fast forward two years and I take everything I’ve said back.

I was sitting at home on my bed and this random thought came into my head. The voice yelled in my ear, “Michelle, you need to compete again!” I NEED TO WHAT?! Huh? Do you realize I just had a baby last year and that my body is no longer shaped the same? What?! Have you seen my mommy pooch or my ‘close to 40’ butt? Yikes!!! Do you know how much I value a nap? What in the world?

I then found my fingers reaching for my cell phone to see when the next local competition is. It’s 9.5 weeks away. Oh boy! I begin to wonder 1) where were these thoughts coming from and 2) who will think I’m crazy for wanting to do it and talk me out of it.

So, I first call my friend Larry Jackson who trains ladies to compete. His response was, “Let’s Do It!” He said to throw on a bikini and send him a picture. A bikini? Me? I used to rock a bikini with pride, but now they hide in the back of my closet. Whew. I told him I needed to pray about it and that I’d either send him a photo in my bathing suit or some random crazy picture to let him know my mind isn’t right.

I knew there was one person I could depend on to talk me off the competition ledge – my husband. He always talked about how he didn’t like it when I competed because I was no fun to be around when I lack carbs. Surely he doesn’t want Carbless Barbie Michelle laying next to him every night. I picked up the phone to call him. His response – “Go For It!” Say what?! Do what?! Huh?

Everyone around me was supporting my decision. I thought it would be cool to try to get in shape to compete. My body is in no way the shape it used to be and my muscle defiinition has decreased. I may have to enter bikini instead of figure (which bothers me) but it could be fun.

So ladies and gents, my goal is to compete in 9 weeks. I’m hoping to bring my abs out of hiding and tighten up my glutes. I know nutrition is going to be key and I’ll be using a meal plan and the Visalus products in addition to my workouts. Wish me luck and say a prayer – I sure do need them!

Happy Birthday to ??

Sunday April 8, 2012 – HAPPY EASTER & HAPPY BIRTHDAY MILTON!  Yes, I said Happy Birthday Milton, NOT Baby Turner.  Somehow or another Baby Turner heard Happy Birthday and thought we were talking about him!

I was excited for Milton’s birthday but hate that we had the celebrate in a hospital.  I did go online earlier this week, though, and buy him a present. There are only a certain number of items he can use in a hospital setting so I ordered him a JAG pillow that he can use to get comfortable.  I woke him up at 12:30am to give it to him. Sunday morning we both wake up around 8:00am and decide to order birthday breakfast from Toast on Market. Yum! Milton leaves to pick it up and I decide to go on and get my baby monitoring done for the day.

It was only supposed to be a 20 minute monitoring.  I noticed though that I was feeling more contractions, which I also saw on the monitor.  I even called the nurse and asked her if I was having more contractions. About 20 minutes later the doctors (plural) come in and say I am getting moved back to labor and delivery since my contractions are increasing (luckily we had just finished eating breakfast).  We are rushed to pack up all of our things.  They ask me if I’ve toured the NICU unit yet. I get to the new room, they attach me to the monitor. They come in and do an ultrasound and tell me the baby is heads down which means I could have a vaginal birth. I realize that today could be the real thing and Milton and I both get a little nervous. Well, I was very nervous, yet also tried to stay calm. I

I was attached again to magnesium and put on a diet of only ice chips.  Not water or ice chips – just ice chips. I turn on the Newborn Channel on television so I can try to learn as much about labor and delivery as possible.

Luckily the contractions slowed down.  They stopped the magnesium after 12 hours. I wasn’t able to eat real food until the next day, but by then hospital food sounded really good.  It’s definitely not the way I envisioned spending Milton’s birthday, but luckily it was just a practice run through.

So Baby Turner is still baking.  Mother and Father Turner feel more relaxed and we are still aiming for at least 32 weeks!

My Biggest Speech Yet

My Biggest Speech Yet!
I’ve been going since I was a kid.  30 years to be exact.
I was four years old when I first started attending because I was FORCED to.  There were no ifs, ands, or buts about it.  But, as time went on, I found that I truly looked forward to attending and would try to re-arrange my schedule in any way to attend.
I’m talking about the Student Acheivement (formerly known as Black Achievers) Program at Jefferson Community College (now JCTC).  You may question why I’ve attended this event for the most part of 30 years.  No, it hasn’t taken me 30 years to complete a degree.  I’ve been a part of the program for that long because my father, the late Thomas Stephen Yeager, created the program and the Black Affairs Advisory Council at JCC.
I can tell you, though, its a very uplifting ceremony and you hear stories of people that have overcome odds to better themselves and further their education.  The past several years there have been guest speakers and I have taken photos for OnyxLouisville.  But, to my surprise, this year I was asked to play a larger role.  I – Michelle Yeager – am going to be the guest speaker.
At first I was on cloud nine to be asked, but then all of the emotions hit me. Here’s a program founded by my father, that I’ve attended numerous times in the audience, that my mother (and then myself) passed out the T. Stephen Yeager Scholarship at and now they are asking me to be the featured speaker at the 30th Year of the event.  Whoa!!
I think for days before starting to write my speech.  I want to make it just right.  I don’t really know what to say.  Do I write about my personal accomplishments and success?  Do I talk about the great influence my parents were to me and the community?  Do I tell a bunch of knock knock jokes and hope they get it?
I finally figured out which direction to go based on a Facebook message from someone I’ve never met….  I can’t share that email with you right now because it’s the basis of my speech.  But, you’re more than welcome to come and listen to it tonight at 7:00pm at the Student Achievement Program in the new Health Science Building at JCTC.  Although I’ve given plenty of speeches, this one feels like the most important one yet – how do you say THANK YOU to people that mean so much to you?!
March 2011