Happy Birthday to ??

Sunday April 8, 2012 – HAPPY EASTER & HAPPY BIRTHDAY MILTON!  Yes, I said Happy Birthday Milton, NOT Baby Turner.  Somehow or another Baby Turner heard Happy Birthday and thought we were talking about him!

I was excited for Milton’s birthday but hate that we had the celebrate in a hospital.  I did go online earlier this week, though, and buy him a present. There are only a certain number of items he can use in a hospital setting so I ordered him a JAG pillow that he can use to get comfortable.  I woke him up at 12:30am to give it to him. Sunday morning we both wake up around 8:00am and decide to order birthday breakfast from Toast on Market. Yum! Milton leaves to pick it up and I decide to go on and get my baby monitoring done for the day.

It was only supposed to be a 20 minute monitoring.  I noticed though that I was feeling more contractions, which I also saw on the monitor.  I even called the nurse and asked her if I was having more contractions. About 20 minutes later the doctors (plural) come in and say I am getting moved back to labor and delivery since my contractions are increasing (luckily we had just finished eating breakfast).  We are rushed to pack up all of our things.  They ask me if I’ve toured the NICU unit yet. I get to the new room, they attach me to the monitor. They come in and do an ultrasound and tell me the baby is heads down which means I could have a vaginal birth. I realize that today could be the real thing and Milton and I both get a little nervous. Well, I was very nervous, yet also tried to stay calm. I

I was attached again to magnesium and put on a diet of only ice chips.  Not water or ice chips – just ice chips. I turn on the Newborn Channel on television so I can try to learn as much about labor and delivery as possible.

Luckily the contractions slowed down.  They stopped the magnesium after 12 hours. I wasn’t able to eat real food until the next day, but by then hospital food sounded really good.  It’s definitely not the way I envisioned spending Milton’s birthday, but luckily it was just a practice run through.

So Baby Turner is still baking.  Mother and Father Turner feel more relaxed and we are still aiming for at least 32 weeks!

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