Bling Blang Thang

Bling Blang Thang

June10-4Thanks for all of the great responses on what you would have done in the “ex-bling” situation.  I will admit that it definitely took me off guard since it just came randomly out of the blue.  I had various thoughts run through my head.  The first one was to completely ignore the message since I felt that if he truly wanted it back that he would call and ask me for it.   But, unfortunately, my patience wouldn’t let me go more than an hour without feeling as if I should respond.  Didn’t know how to respond, but I did know that I needed to respond.

I first had to think about the necklace and what value it had to me.  I haven’t worn the necklace all year.  I don’t even think about it.  It’s tucked away in the back of a drawer.  It was a very nice gesture on his part while we were together, but I really feel zero sentimental value to it.  However, it was appraised for several hundred dollars and several weeks ago I had considered pawning it so I could upgrade some other jewelry.   I also realized that the way he treated this situation was the way he reacted in other situations in our relationship, which is why I knew he wasn’t my end all be all.

Now, I will admit that, like everyone else, I am no angel.  If you catch me on a day that I have little carbs in my system, I take no responsibility for what I say.  Unfortunately, he caught me on one of those days.  I emailed him the following:   “Right after we broke up I met this amazing guy. I didn’t want to give him a chance because it was ‘too soon’. But I gave it a chance and found how true love should feel.  I found a relationship full of love and void of petty actions.  I don’t know what our future holds, but I enjoy each day he and I spend together. We are headed out of town and then I have a competition. Once I get settled again, I can search for the chain and mail it to you.”  And that was that.

The real ironic thing about the entire situation is that this year for my birthday I received a bracelet from my current boyfriend.  It was too big so he had to have some links removed.  The day he got the bracelet back, was the day I received the email from the “ex”.  Since I tell him any and everything, I shared the story with him.  We both laughed about it.  He assured me that his present was a permanent gift and there was no return policy whatsoever. The only thing I had to do was ‘handle with care’.  Sometimes you just need small reminders to value the treasure the sits in front of you.  Love is definitely more valuable than silver, gold or diamonds.

M.Y. June 2010

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