Age No Limit

Age No Limit


I was reflecting recently on the dating scene in Louisville.  If you’re in the right place, at just the right time, and happen to be in just the right mood – you can meet some really wonderful people.  Although I do have certain preferences in the men I am attracted to, age has no barrier.

Older, younger, same age – they are all potential “Future Mr. Yeagers”.  However, I also realized that each age range can have its misfortunes.


Part I – The Younger Man

Our eyes first met at a party several years ago.  He was standing alone in a corner and I walked up and said hello.  He asked me to dance.  While on the floor, we asked each other’s age.  I said 29.  He said 23.  My eyes opened in shock.  Just a baby I thought to myself.  But he had a good personality and a great smile.  We talked a great deal that night, but he never asked for my phone number.

Several weeks went by and we ran into each other at an ice cream store.  We once again exchanged smiles and conversation, but once again he made no attempt to get in further contact.  I assumed he was either not interested or gay.

More time goes by and once again we are at the same party.  This time he is even more excited to see me.  We dance, we chat.  He asks me for a date.  I accept.  Dates turn into a relationship and life is good – except for one thing.  His mother didn’t like me at all. Without knowing me, she just didn’t care for me.

One day we realized we went to the same high school.  He pulled out his yearbook and it was entitled ‘Past, Present, Future’.  In HIS yearbook under the ‘Past’ header is a picture of MY senior class with me sitting in the front row.  I think I grew three gray hairs at that moment.

Anyway, the relationship eventually ended.  As soon as it did, he moved out of his apartment and back home.  The timing of the move was rather odd so I asked him about it.  His response – “When I first met you I knew that you wouldn’t date me if you knew I lived at home, so I moved out”.  I was speechless.  I now understood why his mother gave me a cold shoulder and also why it took him so long to ask me out.  But in a weird way, I felt honored.  A man that does something that drastic to try to win your heart is a man that will make a great husband to the right woman!

Moral of the story (as I click my heels together three times): “There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home, there’s no place like home!”

M.Y. January 2010

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