Singled Out Recap

“Singled Out Recap”

Jan10-4I co-sponsored the first Singles’ Networking Event last week and was nervous about the outcome.  So many parties are flooded with women with just a sprinkle of men.  We asked everyone to pre-pay in advance so that we could keep up with the ratio of men/women and make the check in process go faster.

The day of the event, my email went crazy with people registering.  We had to stop letting the females register and only allowed 10 more men to pay at the door.  We had a sold out crowd!

And then the middle school party began!  The men actually started arriving before the women and there were probably 4 men for every 1 woman for the first 30 minutes.  After it filled up some more I had to walk over to the men and tell them there wasn’t an imaginary line in the room – they were allowed to walk over to the other side and talk to the women.

Luckily that didn’t last too long!  The room filled up with an almost equal number of women and men. People were smiling and laughing.  Folks were eating and drinking. It was one of few places where you could walk around and talk to different people and nobody looked at you funny. Everyone yelled at the tv screen as UL lost their game. And then people started circling the letters/numbers of people they were interested in. I saw some folks batting eyes at each other and exchanging numbers.  At 10pm, we literally had to kick people out of the event.

It took me over five hours to review all of the matches and email everybody.  There were a good number of connections made so it will be interesting to see where it all leads.  Those that didn’t get into the event have already asked about the next one and those that did attend are equally excited.  It was one of those nights where even if you didn’t make a love connection, you came away with some new friendships in the area.

Stay posted – the next singles event might be just around the corner (February 11 to be exact!) 



M.Y. January 2010

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