This weekend I entered a fitness challenge at the Convention Center downtown.  It was completely different than my fitness competitions but I figured I had nothing to lose.  There was a series of six events.  Each one was timed and you received points based on how you finished.

Lesson #1 – Looks can be deceiving.  After looking at the other competitors, I just KNEW I could win the overall.  The first event was pull-ups for 60 seconds.  I busted out 8 of them real quick, then my body would no longer pull.  The judge said “27 more second!”  What?  I struggled to get one more out.  The lady that went after me, she was in her 40s, busted out 13 pull-ups.  I was brought back to reality as I started the competition in second place.

Lesson #2 – We all have bad days.  I won the next two events (60 seconds of pushups and then box jumps).  The 4th event was sprinting with 3 weighted balls.  As a former sprinter, I knew this would be my shining moment!  I took off with full force, picked up the first ball and watched it roll out of my hands.  This set me back several seconds and I actually ended up forth in that event.

Lesson #3 – Support systems are super.  While waiting for the last event, the obstacle course, my friends Shannon and Renee (and Renee’s son KB) came out to be my cheerleaders.  It was a wonderful feeling to have people on your side letting you know they are proud of all you are trying to accomplish.

Lesson #4 – Sometimes close doesn’t get it.  The obstacle course consisted of things like tire flipping, carrying 20 pounds of sand in each hand and jumping over/under hurdles.  At the end of my run, I was told I received a 3 second penalty because my tire did not flip completely over the white line.

Lesson #5 – Despite adversities, you can still come out a winner.  At the end of the day, I didn’t know how I finished.  There were winners for each age group and then the overall.  I won my age group, and also the overall!  With it came a huge trophy, $200 in prizes, $300 in cash and the title “KY’s Fittest Female”.  The title and all of the accolades are great.  But as I reflected on the day, I also realized that regardless of the pitfalls that get us down or the barriers that hold us back, we can all still be successful!

M.Y.  January 2010

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