Bed Rest Diaries

Once I was settled into my room, I started dealing with the reality that my regular life as I know it has changed.  My Type A personality came on and I had to get in major planning mode.  I called my friend and great Zumba instructor, Jessica, and she helped me get everything in place for the fitness studio.  I made a list of things for Milton to bring from the house.  I tried to explain in detail where each item is since I couldn’t be there to point it out.  I called all of my family and friends to let them know what had happened.  Everyone said to be strong.

Wednesday night and Thursday morning I was put on a clear liquid diet.  For those that don’t know what that consist of – chicken broth, apple juice, jello and italian ice. The first time I ate it, I actually looked forward to it since I hadn’t eaten in 10 hours.  I was still on strict bed rest and had to use a bedpan when I needed to urinate. Thursday was difficult because for the first time I was having to be dependent on everyone else. The bed was my island and all the action happened around me.

Thursday at lunchtime I had graduated to regular food.  For the meals here, you given a menu of foods and you can call down and decide what time you want to eat.  For my first meal i chose pizza (surprise) and chocolate cake.  It was good for the simple fact that I hadn’t eaten real food in 24 hours.

I had originally been on magnesium, but they stopped giving me that. The round the clock baby and contractions monitor was taken off and now they only monitor me twice a day. Freedom was mine – as long as I could do it from my bed.

The most difficult thing about Thursday and Friday was my concern for Milton. I experienced a major setback, but Milton experienced an even larger one with more emotion. Here both his wife and unborn child are rushed to a hospital, Milton is driving back and forth to the house to get all necessary items, when all he wants to do is be by my side.  Everything I’ve always done to maintain the household now falls on him.  He turned into the ultimate provider.  His job could tell how overwhelmed he was that they made him take Friday off – which was good for the both of us!


One Expensive Colts Ticket

One Expensive Colts Experience

Sept10-5I decided to be a nice girlfriend and do something special for my boyfriend.  He is a huge Indy Colts fan so I made it my plan to buy us two tickets to their season open versus the NY Giants (Manning vs Manning).  I went online to Ticketmaster and saw that the Colts tickets are pretty much sold out for the entire season.  However, they did offer a site where you could purchase tickets from season ticket holders that weren’t able to attend certain game.  Perfect! (or so I thought)

I went on the TicketExchange site and for several days we researched and watched the prices of various sections where we wanted to sit.  Some of the prices were mad high.  We found great Club Seats in the 200 level section on the 40 yard line.  I went online to purchase the tickets, entered my credit card information and then noticed that there was a rather high service charge fee.   So, I opened up another browser on my computer and randomly clicked on two more tickets to see if the service charge was the same.  I noticed the fee goes up with the price of each ticket.

I knew this was the only way we could attend the game, so I went back to my original screen, checked my total purchase price, clicked on the button that said “I agree to these charges” and pressed enter.  I was excited.  He was excited! – Until I received the confirmation email.  The email I received said that I purchased two tickets totaling $3224!!!!!  Yes, you read that correctly – three thousand two hundred and twenty four dollars.  I almost went in shock.

I immediately called Ticketmaster.  They said that because I opened the second screen to look at those tickets that those are the tickets I purchased.  I told them I only entered my credit card information on the first screen and even checked which screen I was on when I confirmed my order.  My response fell on deaf ear.  Nobody wanted to listen to me.  I talked to several supervisors.  I called my credit card company and tried to dispute.  Everyone thought it was unfair, but nobody was willing to help me.  So, I started calling every day and pleading my case.  I filed charges with the Better Business Bureau and had a demand letter sent on my behalf.  One supervisor said although it wasn’t my fault the tickets were purchased, it wasn’t their fault either so they couldn’t do anything.  Another supervisor said that Ticketmaster couldn’t afford to reimburse me $3000.  My response to that was, “So a multimillion dollar company can’t afford to lose $3000, but I can?!”

Two weeks of frustration went by.  I became more and more overwhelmed by the situation. It got to a point where it consumed many of my daily thoughts.  At my highest stress level, as I lay down to bed, I said a prayer to help right this situation so that I could move forward with my life. The next day I was sitting at my office desk and my cell phone rang.  I answered it and on the line was a lady from Ticketmaster.  She said they were able to re-create my online situation and realized that I honestly had no intent of purchasing the expensive tickets.  She said they were going to refund my ENTIRE amount!   I was ecstatic and overjoyed!

I realized that when I was at my worse that I had to put my faith in the situation in God’s hands.  It’s pretty amazing that as soon as I did just that, all of my problems were solved.  God does answer prayers.  They aren’t always answered overnight like this situation.  But, he can always help see you through.

M.Y. September 2010