Monkey Business

If you know anything about me, you know that I am a MONKEY FANATIC!  When I say monkey fanatic, I mean monkey fanatic galore.  I’ve loved monkeys ever since my youth.  I taped photos of chimps from National Geographic all on my walls.  I used to want to travel with Jane Goodall.  For many years while I was single I even made a monkey Christmas tree where every single ornament on the tree was a stuffed monkey! I just love them!

To my surprise, I had a box delivered to my house from my childhood friend Lisa.  It was exciting because 1) I wasn’t expecting to receive it and 2) what was in the box completely made my day.  Inside the box was a plethora of monkey items for Baby Turner.  When I saw it, I became overjoyed.  If you know me, you know that I am usually a very laid back person that doesn’t get excited about much.  All of that changed when I opened Lisa’s box.  I went monkey crazy!  Luckily, Milton has given me full permission to have a monkey themed baby room – HOORAY!  I’m not a materialistic person and could care less about name brand items, but I am big is creativity and meaningful things.  Opening Lisa’s box was such a joy because I saw that she sent a gift from her heart and that she’s excited that I’ll be a mother!

21 weeks down, 19 to go!

Creatively Telling Our Family the News! (12 weeks/6 days)

The day is finally here!  We’ve waited two months to tell the world our joyful news!  Our closest family and friends came over for what they thought was a Graduation/Holiday Open House party at our house.  Milton was able to wear his Dress Blue uniform and everyone thought he looked dapper.  It was great to see everyone sitting around and talking together.  New friends quickly became old friends.

The party was from 2-4pm but we told everyone that we had a special graduation presentation at 3:00pm.  As 3:00pm rolled around, Milton’s close friend Rob was still driving from out-of-town.  We tried to wait for him, but as 3:20 arrived, I became antsy and we decided to go on and spread the news. We (well I) wanted to do something creative so I wrapped a box (that we referred to as his graduation present) and he pulled out a black t-shirt.  Everyone could only see the front of it, but didn’t know there was writing on the back.  Milton looked excited and said “Oh, you got me a shirt to match yours.  Show them your shirt!”

You could hear people start to get curious as I revealed my “Baby Turner” t-shirt and everyone was so excited.  Then Milton turned his shirt around and revealed his “Baby Turner’s Daddy” shirt!  LOVE IT!

Although we recorded it happening, I realized after watching the video that I never looked at everyone’s expression.  The entire time I was watching Milton and smiling.  Hooray to finally let the news out and celebrating with everyone.  Although I was completely exhausted once everyone left (and the headache returned), I will never forget how awesome of a day today was and how blessed we are to have such amazing and diverse friends and family!