Google Me

Google Me

April-08-1My friends and I have fallen in love with Google.  We have been able to find out some of the most interesting/odd things (some of which are inappropriate for OnyxLouisville eyes!)  I personally have learned the best way to bake a sweet potato, how many ounces are in a gallon and signs that I have termites in my house.  I also sometimes Google myself just to see what all comes up.

Google has been exceptionally helpful in researching men.  Very rarely does a guy approach me while out on the weekends.  Once over the winter holiday, I went to a party thrown by one of the promoters.  There was this tall, sexy guy standing in the corner so I went to take his picture for the website.  We started talking and he tells me his name is Jackson Brown.  He reinforces that it should be easy to remember since that is two last names.  Cool.  We keep talking and he tells me that he lives in AL, just graduated from BAMA (young dude) and he is here with his family celebrating because he got a tryout with the NY Yankees baseball team. Great, I think to myself, best of luck with the tryout.  He asks for my number and I give it to him.  (I rarely take a guy’s number.  I believe if he is truly interested in you, he’ll make the effort to call)

Well, he calls as he leaves the club and he seems like a nice guy.  He also calls the next day while I’m at the gym, so I call him back.  He doesn’t answer.  But, his voicemail picks up – “You’ve reached the voicemail of Cedric Atchison.”  Huh?  That’s not the name he gave me.  That’s not even close.  So, I instantly put my fingers to work and Google both names.  I first look up “Jackson Brown baseball”.  Nothing.   I then lookup “Cedric Atchison baseball”.  Still nothing.  Finally I look up just “Cedric Atchison” and there he is on his fraternity’s webpage grinning with the boys.  It turns out he didn’t go to BAMA, but a smaller school in Alabama and that he never excelled at the sport of baseball.

Then my phone rings again – it’s him.  I ask him why his message says one thing but he told me another.  He then comes up with a LAME excuse saying Jackson is his middle name and he recently reunited with his father and took his father’s last name of Smith. Wow!  That was some serious lying.  It seemed like he thought we were in Las Vegas and I was Boo-Boo the Fool.  He called several times afterwards but I’d already realized that he and I were at two different places in life.

The point of this story:  It’s Derby baby!  Folks are coming from all over the nation.  Have fun.  Be careful.  Fall in love.  Don’t drink and drive.  Do one dance for me.  Be loved. Let Google be your friend. Smile for my pictures.  And remember – Louisville is only so big .  DO IT DERBY!!!

*pic is from last week’s fashion show.  You missed a great event!

M.Y. April 2008

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