Such Gentlemen

“Such Gentlemen”

April-08-2Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been blessed to be surrounded by and watch some very kind and friendly men in the Louisville area.  It first started a couple of weeks ago while eating my cheat meal (it was great!) at Famous Dave’s.  I had sausage, baked beans, apples, corn and corn bread.  You appreciate it when you’ve been away from it for 12 weeks.  And the sausage, oh wow, – anyway, back to the original story.

My friend ordered a rib dinner. While we were eating and talking, a family walked past our table on their way out.  The older gentleman with the group came back to our table and said, “So, how were those ribs?”  He bragged that he had just eaten the most wonderful catfish but was thinking of ordering the ribs.  He also boasted on the great banana pudding, suggested we also try that and wished us well for the rest of our evening.  He wasn’t trying to be pushy or nosey, he was just one of those southern gents talking to us like we were a part of his family.

Several days later, when the temperature was in the 80s, I was driving to work and was at the intersection of Bardstown Rd. and Goldsmith.  As the light turned red, I arrived right there at the Rally’s.  There was a red car waiting to leave Rally’s so I slowed up to give the guy room to get in front of me.  He didn’t move.  So I pulled up and stopped at the light and wondered why he didn’t pull out.  He waited as this older, heavy set woman walking down the street out of breath got closer to his car.  He asked her where she was going and offered her a ride so she could rest her feet.  This woman’s eyes lit up and a smile brightened her face.  You could tell this had been a blessing she’d been seeking.

On Sunday I got an oil change at Goodyear.  I always go there for my oil changes, but there was a new guy working behind the counter.  I originally had an appointment for solely an oil change – $23.  I then saw an advertised Spring Care Package for $40 and asked for that instead.  No problem.  After about 45 minutes I was ready to go.  While waiting at the counter to pay, the Papa John’s guy walked in to deliver pizza to the counter guy.  The delivery person said, “You’re in luck, we gave you an extra Works pizza for free.”  The guy was psyched.  As he rung up my bill, he only charged me $23 total.  I reminded him of the Spring Care Package and he said, “Don’t worry about it.”  Cool!  All of these experiences made me appreciate all of the true men that are still around.

I also felt this was a ‘pass-it-on’ type act of kindness. He got pizza, I got a discount, now what could I do help someone else?  I tried to think of something, but then just went home and took a nap.  This morning I decided to go to the gym early and get in my 20 minutes of cardio.  When I finished changing, an older woman walked up to me said, ‘Darlin’ I have a favor to ask you.  It’s perfectly fine if you say no.  I’ll understand.”  She wanted me to put tanning oil on her back.  She could reach everywhere but that area.  Since I’d been competing recently, I knew the challenges of not being able to reach your back to apply oil.  As I applied the lotion I explained to her that it was no problem and I understood her dilemma.  Her poor back was already red from where she’d been in the tanning bed before without the lotion and I knew she was very thankful that our paths crossed at that time.

I walked out into the gym happy that I too was able to give back to a complete stranger and hope that by reading this, you will do the same!

M.Y.  April 2008

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