It Could Be You

‘It Could Be You’

Imagine this:  You’re young.  You’re beautiful.  You’re in love.  You are pregnant with your second child.  You notice that you’re having different side effects from this pregnancy than with your first.  You go to the doctor for advice.  The doctor suggests to run some tests. Fine, no problem.  A couple of weeks later they call with the results.  You’re HIV positive.  What?!!!  This can’t be.  You start running through your mind wondering how it could have happened and who could have given it to you.  Unfortunately, there were only two possible people – one was a result of sexual assault and the other passed away the year before.  You’ll never know.

After accepting the reality, you realize there is someone else that needs to know – your boyfriend.  Will he run as fast as he can?  With your family’s support, you sit down to tell him the news.  What does he do?  He says, ‘I love you regardless and still want to spend the rest of my life with you’.  The two of you get married the next week.  You test both of your children and both come out negative.  So does your husband.  Fast forward several years and you are having your third child.  She’s your bundle of joy but something doesn’t seem right.  She throws up her formula and always seems sick.  You know in your gut what’s wrong.  Your third baby has tested positive for HIV.

The next couple of years are a struggle.  The emotions of dealing with the HIV of you and your daughter has taken its toll emotionally and you must give up one of your prized possessions  – the successful daycare you own.  You’ve been blessed to not have too many side effects over the years but you still constantly deal with the reality.  You love your husband and are grateful that he’s stayed by your side.  However, you also hate that you can’t be the intimate lover that you feel he deserves.

This is Sharon’s story. I met her recently and just by looking at her you never would have known her story.  I was introduced to her by JacQue White who works at the House of Ruth.  The House of Ruth is an agency that helps those affected with HIV and/or AIDS by providing them a plethora of resources.  Unfortunately, the number of those affected in the black community continues to grow and the resources available continue to decrease.  Savvy Innovations is having a Fashion Show this weekend to raise funds for the House of Ruth.  If you can’t attend the show, they are in desperate need of toiletries and financial resources.  Please call JacQue: 587-5050 for information on how you can get involved.

M.Y.  April 2008

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