That’s Entertainment

“That’s Entertainment!”

I was so happy to eat, sleep, drink and be normal (well my normal) again.  I was sitting at home listening to my ipod on the Bose speaker and was jammin’ to the songs I heard.  The wonderful thing about your ipod is that it contains all of your favorite songs. I hadn’t listened to it in some time, so each new song that came on brought a new surge of excitement.  My Luther songs came on and I found myself singing so loud that the neighbors probably wondered what was going on.  I was trying to see, with my tonsils being gone, if my voice magically transformed to sound like Beyonce. Umm, no!

But it didn’t end just there.  The more tunes I heard, the more giddy I became.  I went into a room with a full-sized mirror. I grabbed my closest flashlight (you know you have to have a microphone)…………… AND WORKED IT!!!!  I was Whitney Houston, Babyface, Eric Benet, PM Dawn, Shai and Kelly Price.

After I calmed down and realized that I really wasn’t the next American Idol, I started to ponder whether or not other people do these types of things.  As an only child, I found many ways to entertainment myself. But is this normal adult-like behavior?  It’s all good.  I am proud of my ‘Flashlight Concert’ and smiled and laughed the entire time. Life is about having fun and finding pleasure in the simple things.

M.Y. August 2007

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