Love Me Some Luther

“Love Me Some Luther”

My all-time favorite musical artist is Mr. Luther Vandross.  His tunes will sooth your mind and can easily get you in the mood.  My favorite song is “So Amazing”, followed by “Take You Out” and “Dance With My Father”.  I could take an 8 hour road trip and survive on just Luther songs.  Fat Luther, skinny Luther – it didn’t matter.  I love me some Lutha!

I was saddened by his death in 2005.  It made me come to the realization that I would never get to see him live in concert.  Recently there was notice of the Luther Vandross Estate sale.  Over 1000 items from his life were for sale including clothes, vases, art, furniture and his awards.  I instantly researched the information.  I love to collect things and wanted to be a groupie and the ultimate fan.  I needed a little Luther in my life.

Although the auction was in person, I could also bid through the live auction on ebay.  It was an interesting experience.  There is no time to blink when doing a live auction.  I missed out on the first item because I was too s-l-o-w.  You don’t have time to think if you want to bid, you have to know your price and go for it.  I was blessed to be able to win Luther’s 1987 NAACP Image Award for the Album “Give Me A Reason”.   A paid a nice penny for it, but it is Mr. Vandross.   He’s been there for me through crushes, new loves, struggles and breakups.  “Ooh, so amazing, and I’ve been waiting for a love like you-”

M.Y.  December 2007

That’s Entertainment

“That’s Entertainment!”

I was so happy to eat, sleep, drink and be normal (well my normal) again.  I was sitting at home listening to my ipod on the Bose speaker and was jammin’ to the songs I heard.  The wonderful thing about your ipod is that it contains all of your favorite songs. I hadn’t listened to it in some time, so each new song that came on brought a new surge of excitement.  My Luther songs came on and I found myself singing so loud that the neighbors probably wondered what was going on.  I was trying to see, with my tonsils being gone, if my voice magically transformed to sound like Beyonce. Umm, no!

But it didn’t end just there.  The more tunes I heard, the more giddy I became.  I went into a room with a full-sized mirror. I grabbed my closest flashlight (you know you have to have a microphone)…………… AND WORKED IT!!!!  I was Whitney Houston, Babyface, Eric Benet, PM Dawn, Shai and Kelly Price.

After I calmed down and realized that I really wasn’t the next American Idol, I started to ponder whether or not other people do these types of things.  As an only child, I found many ways to entertainment myself. But is this normal adult-like behavior?  It’s all good.  I am proud of my ‘Flashlight Concert’ and smiled and laughed the entire time. Life is about having fun and finding pleasure in the simple things.

M.Y. August 2007