Good Deeds Get Rewarded

“Good Deeds Get Rewarded”

I had a friend come in town this weekend and we decided to be lazy and order pizza on Friday night.  We ordered a meat lover’s medium pizza and cheesebread.  When the driver arrived at the door, my friend paid and asked how much we should leave for a tip (I was in the process of walking down the stairs).  We decided to give the driver a larger tip just so he wouldn’t have to give us change.  He asked if we were sure and thanked us with a smile.

As I arrived at the door I noticed my friend had two pizza boxes in addition to the bread.  I opened the door to catch the driver and told him we had two pizzas instead of one.  He came back to the door and checked the receipt (it said one pizza).  We opened the box to check the pizza. It was ½ pepperoni and ½ supreme (nowhere close to our order!).  The driver looked at us and said, “Well, I guess today’s your day too!”.

The driver received his tip after he was already at the door, so there was no way that he was just trying to ‘hook us up’ for giving him a large tip. The situation really did let me know that you do get rewarded for your good deeds.  Both incidents were small gestures, but they were large enough to make you sit and ponder the situation.

M.Y.  September 2007

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