I Was a Runaway

“I Was a Runaway”

When I was younger (and maybe even still today) I was a ‘goody-two-shoes’.  I tried to do right in everyone’s eyes and sought to be the best.  My parents often pushed me to get involved with things that I thought were ridiculous and a waste of my time.

In elementary school there was something I disagreed with.  I yelled at the top of my voice that life wasn’t fair and that I was leaving.  I stomped upstairs (“bam, bam, bam”), got a small suitcase and packed my things.  I WAS RUNNING AWAY! “I’LL SHOW THEM!!” I thought to myself.  I opened the garage door and slammed it behind me as I left the house.

Within three steps I realized how stupid I would look walking down my street with a suitcase.  What if my neighbors saw me?  I do have an image to uphold.  Where was I really going to go? So what did I do?  I walked ten steps onto my front porch and squatted by the door.  Two minutes later, I see my father storm out of the garage door and watch as he walks down the street looking for me.  I hear him call my name several times and I just sit there watching.

Needless to say, I have no idea what happened once he walked back to our house and saw me sitting there.  That memory has been permanently erased from my brain.  Over timed, I learned that  my parents actually had good intentions for my well being and upbringing.  I am blessed for many of the experiences they ‘made’ me do and have become a better person because of them.

M.Y.  August 2007

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