Weight a Minute!

You’d think laying on your tush all day would be an easy way to gain weight.  That’s what I always assumed.  Since being in the hospital on bed rest my highest weight has been 139 pounds (my pre-pregnancy weight was 122 pounds). That was a couple of days after I arrive here. I’ve watched my weight decrease to 137 then 136 then 134.  Now, although the 134 was a day after I was strictly on ice chips for 24 hours, my weight is still moving in the wrong direction.  I think this is for two reasons.

Reason 1: I am generally very active and usually burn a lot of calories in the day to help increase my appetite and the amount of food I eat.  When you live on bed rest island, none of that activity happens. I wake up in the morning and order breakfast.  I am in one position (minus turning from the right side to the left side).  Several hours pass.  I still feel full because I’ve done nothing to burn off the breakfast calories.  However, I know it’s lunchtime and I need to order food.  So I do.  When lunch arrives, I only eat half of it because I’m full.  Several hours pass again and the same thing happens for dinner.  I try to eat but I’m not hungry. The food on the menu isn’t bad and I get the select the items off the menu that I want – I’m just not hungry.

Reason 2: I am in bed all day, and get two wheel chair rides twice a day. All of that equals loss of muscle mass.  My muscles probably forgot that they even exist because they’ve been neglected for almost three weeks. All of gymnastics, cheerleading and track lessons in my youth to help my muscle development have been thrown by the wayside.  Perky booty be gone.

While in regular life losing weight would be opening welcome, it’s not suggested for Baby Turner’s healthy growth.  Baby Turner needs to be big and strong, especially since he’s a boy so we have to eat, eat, eat to grow, grow, grow.

Dr. Weeks’ suggestion was to add two Ensure’s to my daily intake. My first response – “That’s what my grandmother used to drink!”  Whenever Grandma Lottie would come visit from GA, we’d stock up the refrigerator with Ensure so she had something to drink. I was now going to be a part of Team Oldie in order to get Team Healthy.

I’m still not gaining consistent weight.  I’ll go up for two days and then back down a pound the next.  In addition to the Ensure, I’ve also been granted two 10 minute walks on my floor.  I asked the doctor if I could walk downstairs to the cafeteria and he gave me that “don’t push your luck” look.

Every day, every pound is a success – so we’ll carry on!!

Fit Life

M.Y. Words of the Week


Fit Life

Do I love fitness?  Yes.  Do I love to see people accomplish their health goals?  Yep.  Do I love helping get them there?  Of course!  As a fitness professional I love being able to offer Zumba and fitness services.  It’s a thrill to see people young, old and older keeping themselves fit.  With each person that brags about losing weight or inches, there are also people that aren’t or that are at a plateau.  That can get frustrating for both the individual and myself.

So what did I do?  I went out and looked for a product that might help people reach their weight loss and transformation goals.  The company is called ViSalus and they run a Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge based off of a meal replacement shake.  The shake mix tastes like cake mix and only has 90 calories, 1 gram fat, 1 gram sugar and 12 grams of protein.  One person here in Louisville has already lost 5 pounds and inches and is only halfway through her first month’s kit.

Another person wrote the following: “I just made a Vi shake with almond milk, 1/4 pkg sugar free instant butterscotch pudding powder, 6-8 ice cubes in my Bullet! It was over the top delish!!!!!!!!! Just sayin’ and sharing;-) perfect for dinner! I could have eaten it with a spoon or used a straw.”  There are over 100 simple recipes to meet your taste buds.

It’s been a great month to hear people talk about being able to lose weight with a product that tastes great.  Others have taken the Vi-Trim, a product that makes you feel full so that you don’t binge with your late night cravings.  Aside from losing weight, people are earning FREE products just for getting three other people to lose weight with them and annually ViSalus gives away $10,000,000 in cash/prizes for transformation stories through their Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge.

From a business standpoint, it’s been a great opportunity to offer my clients the other half of a complete healthy lifestyle.  Nutrition and fitness must go hand in hand for the best results.  Now I can do just that.  Nutrition is a struggle for many of us, and when you find something that works you stick to it and tell the world about it.

In 30 days, I earned the title Regional Director for ViSalus which means I get to promote the Body By Vi Challenge throughout the region in a black BMW.  I love people emailing and calling about reaching their transformation goals, finding wonderful people to help me promote the challenge and creating a healthier Louisville.

So, here’s my challenge to you – if you’re interested in joining our Louisville Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge, we are going to give away $500 to one person.  You must select a kit by Sunday, August 7 to be eligible.  It’s not the ‘Biggest Loser’ it’s about meeting your transformation goal – whatever it is.  Someone reaching their 15 pounds goals should be rewarded just as much as someone meeting their 50 pound goal.  If you strive to make it happen, it will.  CLICK HERE to join our Challenge or contact me if you’re interested in being a promoter.

August 2011