Weight a Minute!

You’d think laying on your tush all day would be an easy way to gain weight.  That’s what I always assumed.  Since being in the hospital on bed rest my highest weight has been 139 pounds (my pre-pregnancy weight was 122 pounds). That was a couple of days after I arrive here. I’ve watched my weight decrease to 137 then 136 then 134.  Now, although the 134 was a day after I was strictly on ice chips for 24 hours, my weight is still moving in the wrong direction.  I think this is for two reasons.

Reason 1: I am generally very active and usually burn a lot of calories in the day to help increase my appetite and the amount of food I eat.  When you live on bed rest island, none of that activity happens. I wake up in the morning and order breakfast.  I am in one position (minus turning from the right side to the left side).  Several hours pass.  I still feel full because I’ve done nothing to burn off the breakfast calories.  However, I know it’s lunchtime and I need to order food.  So I do.  When lunch arrives, I only eat half of it because I’m full.  Several hours pass again and the same thing happens for dinner.  I try to eat but I’m not hungry. The food on the menu isn’t bad and I get the select the items off the menu that I want – I’m just not hungry.

Reason 2: I am in bed all day, and get two wheel chair rides twice a day. All of that equals loss of muscle mass.  My muscles probably forgot that they even exist because they’ve been neglected for almost three weeks. All of gymnastics, cheerleading and track lessons in my youth to help my muscle development have been thrown by the wayside.  Perky booty be gone.

While in regular life losing weight would be opening welcome, it’s not suggested for Baby Turner’s healthy growth.  Baby Turner needs to be big and strong, especially since he’s a boy so we have to eat, eat, eat to grow, grow, grow.

Dr. Weeks’ suggestion was to add two Ensure’s to my daily intake. My first response – “That’s what my grandmother used to drink!”  Whenever Grandma Lottie would come visit from GA, we’d stock up the refrigerator with Ensure so she had something to drink. I was now going to be a part of Team Oldie in order to get Team Healthy.

I’m still not gaining consistent weight.  I’ll go up for two days and then back down a pound the next.  In addition to the Ensure, I’ve also been granted two 10 minute walks on my floor.  I asked the doctor if I could walk downstairs to the cafeteria and he gave me that “don’t push your luck” look.

Every day, every pound is a success – so we’ll carry on!!

Let the Numbers Rise

    14 weeks
 Let the Numbers Rise

I love fitness, I love helping people reach their goals.  I love trying to reach my goals.  But, right now in my life, although fitness/losing weight is in the forefront for everyone else – losing weight has quickly gone to the bottom of my list.

As of right now, I am almost 16 weeks pregnant.  If you ask my husband, he will smile wide and say that all of my weight is in my booty and that he loves every inch of it!  Although I don’t notice growth there, I am happy to see that my itty-bitty chest is now just itty.  The cleavage I never had it starting to peak out and make a special appearance.  B cup and (maybe) C cup here we come!

Although the doctor said it wouldn’t appear until about 20 weeks, the starter belly has started to draw attention.  And with the starter belly, has come extra pounds on the scale.  During the first trimester, I didn’t gain too much weight.  I ate about the same and worked out about the same.  But, over the past two weeks all of that changed.

For the first time in my 35 years of existence, I stood on top of the scale and viewed a number higher than I had ever seen before.  I was at a new all-time weight high. I screamed and whined, “Milton, I now weight127 pounds!” Without an once of worry or care he said, “Guess what? You’re pregnant and that number is going to grow even more!”

So my pity party lasted all of ten seconds.  I know that I am going to gain weight, a whole lot more of it, but this was just the first major baby step toward getting there. Don’t worry, I am not going to diet and I am not going to cry every time the scale number increases. It’s amazing to watch the transformation your body goes through all while knowing there is a little he/she Turner inside.  Each day I have these experiences, I find myself in more admiration for all of the mothers in the world.  Regardless if you’re a single mother, mother of eight or just one – you’ve made a tremendous difference in someone’s life just for the simple fact that you’re a mom!