Tis the Season

Tis the Season

For some, this has been a great year with a lot of positive life changes and experiences.  For others, it seems to be the extreme opposite.  They’ve experienced personal loss and setbacks and are anxiously awaiting a new year and change.

Regardless of which of these categories you fall in, it’s still a time to give thanks.  The fact that you’re still living and breathing on this earth is reason enough to give praise.  If you’re making plans to eat Thanksgiving dinner with someone/anyone – you are blessed and should be thankful!

Although I love Facebook and keeping updated with my family/friends, there have been a lot of nasty, gross spam images posted on various people’s pages.  Some people feel the need of Facebook is to dog out the people that have dogged them out, but it’s sometimes a little too much.

So, I decided for 90 days to participate in a “90 Days of Thanks” initiative and I hope you’ll join me.  Starting December 1, 2011 and ending February 29, 2012, we are going to spend each day giving thanks for something in our lives.  We often think about the obvious reasons to give thanks (friends, family, job etc..) but when you get past those first 30 days, you really have to think about even the small things around you that you’re thankful for.

Get a piece of paper or a calendar and try to keep track of what you’ve mentioned each day.  If you’re on Facebook, starting on December 1 (Day 1), make sure sometime throughout that day you write “Day 1: I am thankful for ________!”  If you’re a Facebook hater or avoider, this can be a great time for self reflection in a notebook each night before you head to bed.

The more we’re able to appreciate the things/people that surround us, the less we’ll take each other for granted and the more we’ll seek not only to improve our own lives but those lives of the people around us.  The more we spend concentrating on our personal positives instead of being absorbed in everyone else’s business, the more we can realize that until we support others, we’ll never be able to move ahead.

Let’s take 90 days to live life and love life! Make it your gift to yourself this holiday season!
November 2011

Happy Thanksgiving 2007

“Happy Thanksgiving”

We all have things in life that we wish we could change.  If only we had (blank) then life would be so much easier.  Sometimes it is easier to complain and it often takes a lot less thought.  However, this week is about Thanksgiving and giving thanks.  I don’t care how horrible your life may seem, there are many blessings surrounding you.  The fact that you made it to enjoy another Thanksgiving is a blessing. What about the simple fact that you have two eyes and ten fingers to be able to read and scan through the newsletter?  Not everyone does.

The holidays can be a time of pain.  Many of us have lost loved ones over the years and this time of year is just not the same.  While I share that pain, I also find joy in the world around me. My past holiday traditions will never exist again.  However, I look forward to one day starting new ones. Sometimes you just have to be patient.

It’s interesting to me that the day after we give thanks for all of our blessings is called “Black Friday”.  It’s sometimes the day we act our worse.  You find people pushing through lines, stealing parking spots, cursing at the cashier and/or maxing out credit cards.  Thanksgiving needs to last more than one day.  We have to do better.  So while you’re out this weekend, remember to give back and appreciate the simple things around you!

M.Y.  November 2007