Oh What a Difference a Year Makes


After 10 weeks of bed rest, it was a blessing to welcome Maximus to the world June 3 of last year. With a troubled pregnancy, it was good to have him just ‘slide out’.  And ever since our eyes locked, it has been instant love!


There have been plenty of hours of little to no sleep.  For awhile I thought waking up at 12:30, 3:30 and 5:30am were normal. I am now a champion diaper changer, but know that explosive diapers out in public are never good. 

I’ve learned that the smile of a baby can go along way and the fact that my son goes to me to make everything better means I am the queen of his world. I hate feeling helpless when he has a fever or after his shots.

I know that da-da slides off his tongue easier that ma-ma and that when you drop something intentionally on the ground you say, “Uh Oh!” The Mickey Mouse Club House song is the best song in the world, with a close second being the Itsy Bitsy Spider.

People in church think when Maximus tries to sing random sounds out loud in service that it’s cute.  I think he might hold the world record for producing the most slobber.

Maximus crawled and then walked at nine months and is officially into any and everything that isn’t a toy.  He’ll blow you a kiss and clap if you sing.  


We don’t leave home without his binky and the car is the perfect place for a nap. He loves when dad comes room and runs to the door every time.


 He has six teeth and loves to read books.  His smile and eyes can light up a room, but his stranger danger is real.  I’m proud to have breast fed him for an entire year.

I’ve relented to the fact that everyone thinks our son looks like my husband and I know that the two of them traveling solo by airplane is a major disaster.

But most of all, I’ve experiences the unconditional love that many other mothers and fathers have described. It’s hard to believe that we produce such precious souls. I’ve loved reading about everyone’s kids graduating from elementary, middle and high school recently.  When you’ve said times goes by fast, you’re not joking.

I wanted to thank each of you for the stories you’ve told me and advice that you’ve given.  I’m a better parent because of you.

Doing It Derby

Doin’ It Derby
My friends and I were talking about the fact that our best Derby days may be behind us.  You know those days where you kicked it until wee hours of the morning.  Your night didn’t consist of one parties, but trying to fit in as many parties as possible.  If you were connected enough, you didn’t have to pay to get into any of those parties.  During my prime time I was single and ready to mingle so I always had an outfit for every night and would buy them months in advance so I would have less of a chance of someone else having the same outfit. Those were the nights when you’d dance so much that you didn’t even realize your feet hurt or that your hair no longer looked fly.  Those were the days.  The days of my Derby past.  Enter Derby 2013 –

Confessions from my Derby 2013!

You know you’re getting old(er) when the highlight of your Derby Thursday night is seeing if Bailey is going to come back to work, Olivia and the president are going to hook up and if Cyrus is really the mole (Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal).

You know you’re a new mother when your “song” that you look forwarding to getting down and dirty to is Mickey Mouse Club House. “It’s the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, come inside it’s fun inside!….”

You know you’re a housewife when your Derby Day outfit is a pair of comfortable sweat pants a t-shirt and two socks that may or may not match!

You know you have an infant son when instead of coming home at 5:00am, you’re waking up because your child doesn’t know what it means to sleep in for the weekend.

You know you’re a homebody when you think about all the money you saved by not going to all the Derby parties.

You know you’re a proud parent when the best race of the weekend was the Diaper Derby at Daycare that your son won. Go baby go!

And you know when you’re in love when you’re husband is right next to you doing all the same things!

Will I probably attend a Derby party or event again in the future? Most likely so.  But, it also felt good to spend my Derby as a wife and mother at home.  Maybe I’ve saved up enough Derby points to go and kick it again next year…. or maybe we’ll work on popping out another entry for the Diaper Derby, lol!

Diaper Derby Champ
Diaper Derby Champ

The End of a Year

The End of a Year

You know, each of us have good years and bad years.  I hurt for all the people this year that suffered tremendous loss through death, jobs or others means. For each person that is excited for this year to be over, there’s another person celebrating this year and not wanting it to end.

Although I’ve had my fair share of bad years, this was one of the best years of my life.  In early February I was able to walk away from a job that I didn’t find fulfilling and follow my fitness dreams. It was definitely scary to start something new and unknown but it’s a journey that I knew I needed to take.

In late April, I married a wonderful man.  He left his job in June and moved to Louisville to “bond” with his wife. In July, he left for five months of training.  Right before he left, he was able to visit my new fitness/Zumba studio and each day I was/am excited to help diverse groups of people meet their fitness goals.

Around the same time I started promoting a health and wellness product and met some amazing people in Louisville excited to transform their bodies.  Along comes October and Milton comes in town for a short weekend visit. He says “Let’s try to have a baby!” One week later I’m nauseated and tired.  Then there’s November and Milton is invited to go to Airborne school and conquer his own personal fear of height.

First week of December Milton finally comes home for good to work for two years in Fort Knox. Two weeks later we tell everyone the news of our pregnancy.  Christmas was spent celebrating our blessings and giving all praise to God.

With all of the blessings that we have received it definitely hasn’t all been easy.  Running a business is very difficult and often times stressful.  Being a newlywed away from your spouse can definitely be trying and it can be equally as trying to adjust to each other once reunited.  My shoulders have become stronger while being a tower of strength for those who needed me in time of need.  Doubts have been cast as to what path God really wants me to take. Curiosity and fear now linger and I hope our baby is healthy and that we can be nourishing parents.

But at the same time, my hands have become sore for applauding others in celebratory times.  My eyes have been open to new opportunities and new people.  My household skills have improved as I try to be a good wife.  My creative juices have started flowing and my heart skips a beat when I know I’m making a difference!