The End of a Year

The End of a Year

You know, each of us have good years and bad years.  I hurt for all the people this year that suffered tremendous loss through death, jobs or others means. For each person that is excited for this year to be over, there’s another person celebrating this year and not wanting it to end.

Although I’ve had my fair share of bad years, this was one of the best years of my life.  In early February I was able to walk away from a job that I didn’t find fulfilling and follow my fitness dreams. It was definitely scary to start something new and unknown but it’s a journey that I knew I needed to take.

In late April, I married a wonderful man.  He left his job in June and moved to Louisville to “bond” with his wife. In July, he left for five months of training.  Right before he left, he was able to visit my new fitness/Zumba studio and each day I was/am excited to help diverse groups of people meet their fitness goals.

Around the same time I started promoting a health and wellness product and met some amazing people in Louisville excited to transform their bodies.  Along comes October and Milton comes in town for a short weekend visit. He says “Let’s try to have a baby!” One week later I’m nauseated and tired.  Then there’s November and Milton is invited to go to Airborne school and conquer his own personal fear of height.

First week of December Milton finally comes home for good to work for two years in Fort Knox. Two weeks later we tell everyone the news of our pregnancy.  Christmas was spent celebrating our blessings and giving all praise to God.

With all of the blessings that we have received it definitely hasn’t all been easy.  Running a business is very difficult and often times stressful.  Being a newlywed away from your spouse can definitely be trying and it can be equally as trying to adjust to each other once reunited.  My shoulders have become stronger while being a tower of strength for those who needed me in time of need.  Doubts have been cast as to what path God really wants me to take. Curiosity and fear now linger and I hope our baby is healthy and that we can be nourishing parents.

But at the same time, my hands have become sore for applauding others in celebratory times.  My eyes have been open to new opportunities and new people.  My household skills have improved as I try to be a good wife.  My creative juices have started flowing and my heart skips a beat when I know I’m making a difference!

The Politics of It All

The Politics Of It All

Aug09-4I recently found out about a job position that was going to be posted.  I actually was told about it almost a month before it was posted, but wasn’t supposed to find out.  With hearing of the opening, I was also told that the position was pretty much created and guaranteed to someone else.

Hearing about this bothered me greatly.  This is a position that I am more qualified for – there is no question about it.  So, instead of believing the rumor, I went directly to the person hiring and asked her if these comments were true. She was shocked at the information I heard, but said although the position would be posted, nobody’s name was attached to it.  She asked that I not say anything about the job until it was posted in order to not cause unnecessary drama amongst others.  So I said nothing.  I knew that if I decided to apply, I needed to respect her wishes.

Well, last Friday the job opening was announced.  Immediately others asked if I was going to apply for the position.  Soon after, though, they’d always say that they heard that the position was going to a less qualified and experienced person.  So I had a dilemma.  Do I put myself out there and prove that I am the best candidate for the position?  Or do I not even waste my time with the politics that it all has been promised in the favor of someone else.

I thought long and hard about what to do.  This would be a management position with a lot of potential to increase many of my skills.  Why should I give in to the situation without even trying?  So, I went on and applied. I took time to prepare answers to the questions I thought would be asked and collected documentation of the work I’ve done thus far to prove that I am the most qualified.

My interview was today.  I felt I did a great job and discussed how my skills could further enhance the organization. I walked out with my head held high and felt it would be up to them to prove that the other candidate had skills that could match mine.

And everything was fine, until an hour later when more people said “That’s horrible that the other person is going to get the job you deserve.”  Uggh!  I will not find out about the position until the middle of next week.  I am hoping that I will be given a fair chance (regardless of what others say) and would love to prove them all wrong.  I have prayed about the situation and know that if it’s meant to be my new opportunity, then I will be given that chance.   Time shall tell!

M.Y. August 2009