Black is the New Possibility

Black Is The New Possibility!

Jan09-4I’m sure everyone remembers where they were this Tuesday at noon.  I was sitting in Fox and Hound surrounded by a room full urban professionals for our OnyxLouisville/Red Carpet event. I was full of emotion simply because of the history that was being made.  That level of pride increased as I looked around the room at the wonderful faces that were present.

We came out, we were proud and the tissue box made it’s rounds.  This was the moment we had been waiting for and the applause at the end of his speech was tremendous. Barack Obama is our president!

Jessica Taylor, Red Carpet Events, thought of a celebratory idea to have a toast. Of course!  I know nothing about the bubbly but know this event is toast worthy. I stood on a chair and asked if anyone wanted to give the speech – there was silence all around.  Crap.  I love to write, but now must speak! Obama told me change was coming, I just didn’t know it would be so soon!

So I held up my champagne glass which held one small gulp and said “This is for the past, present and the future.  Barack Obama is now OUR president”.  Plain. Simple. Yet, oh so true.

Driving home, I thought about what I would have said if I really had time to prepare.  Maybe it would have been the following:  ”This is a toast to our past. Our ancestors fought long and hard to make sure that our people progressed.  They never settled for less and encouraged us to keep moving forward.  This is for those remarkable individuals who, although not physically here, stand with us proud today.  This toast is for the present.  We did this!  Each of our voices and votes made a difference.  Obama has been named our leader, but we must be willing to be followers. This is our commitment to being agents of change.  This toast is for our future – that our current and future children and grandchildren will grow up with the reality (and not the dream) that they honestly can accomplish anything that they set out to do!

I encourage you to click on the link below and share you Inauguration experience and hopes for the future.  Whether in DC, Louisville or in between – if you remember the moment, it’s a moment worth sharing!

Black = possibility!

M.Y. January 2009

November 4, 2008

“November 4, 2008″


Today I was a part of history. I made a difference and I will help to create change. As I cast my ballot and voted for Barack Obama, I thought of my parents.  My mother helped pass out salt tablets during the Civil Rights movement to the marchers.  My father helped protect the Freedom Riders that were traveling through the south.  They told me stories of going to separate schools.  Neither of them are physically here on Earth today.  I cast my vote in memory of them.  I know they are looking down proud of the experience they fought long and hard become a reality.

I also voted as a tribute to some of our foot soldiers that are still here.  As I walked away from my voting poll, I thought about Raoul Cunningham.  He’s been there, done that and is still fighting for change.  I also thought about Senator Georgia Powers.  She was there when Martin Luther King Jr was shot.  She broke barriers decades ago.  She continues to tell her story and lets us know our work is not yet complete.  I even thought of the Rev. Louis Coleman.  He died to open our eyes.

One of my first steps in this historic event came with typing this reflection.  As I did my spell check,both Barack and Obama came up as unknown words.  With pride, joy and a smile, I pressed the ‘learn’ button because Barack and Obama will both become household names for a long time to come!

I attended several election parties, but wanted to be at home to listen to Barack’s speech.  His speech was excellent as expected.  What brought tears to my eyes was after the speech and seeing both the Obama and Biden family come on stage.  Michelle Obama – the new first lady.  She is a new role model for diverse women everywhere.  Then add in the Barack children.  They present a wonderful, new image of genuine black family.   The Cosby show first aired 24 years ago.  Wow!  It has taken us that long to move from the fictional successful black family, to the reality that you can be successful and raise a family.

As the extended families of both Barack and Joe stood on stage, you witnessed a rainbow of relatives all standing together on one platform praising our first African American president. Obama is not just a black president, he is a United States president!

There’s a saying that was passed along that I believe it truly fitting of the occasion:
“Rosa sat so that Martin could walk.  Martin walked so Barack could run.  Barack is running so that our children can fly!”  He can’t do this on his own.  Barack Obama is continuing in the paths of many others and will shatter many glass ceilings that many only dreamed of touching.  Times are tough right now, he needs our continued support, prayer and dedication to be agents of change.  Yes we can!  Yes we did!  Yes we will!!

M.Y. November 2008

Michelle for 1st lady – no make that president!

   “Michelle for 1st lady – no, make that president!!”

Oct08-2For the past several months I’ve wanted a “Michelle for 1st lady” shirt in support of Michelle Obama (and all the Michelles in the world)!  But the more I’ve watched tv recently, I have decided to set my goals higher.  Heck, it’s not even feasibly possible to be single and a first lady (hence being 1st lady requires your hubby to be the prez).  Now, I too want to be VP.  Keep reading for some of my highlights:

Education:  My grandmothers were teachers, my parents worked on college campuses, I was taught by teachers, I was a teacher and now I help teachers.  Next question.

Risky photos:  I have been spotted in a one piece and two piece swimsuit recently.  My talent is fitness and there is video of my one arm pushups.  There are also plenty of cheerleading photos with short skirts or high school photos with daisy dukes.

International affairs: On a monthly basis I receive emails from various people in Nigeria.  They claim to be my relatives and often seek money for assistance or are proud to tell me I’ve won a large sum in a lottery. I’ve also taste tested guinea pig while traveling through Ecuador.

View on gay marriage:  Who has time to think about if other people should be married?  I’m focused on getting myself married.  I’d require married men to have their rings permanently glued to their finger so they can’t parade around town acting single.  Men and women would both wear a light on their forehead.  If you first meet someone and both lights flash green – there’s potential.  However, it one person’s light turns red – run, run as fast as you can!

Healthcare:  Dr. Lagerstrom is my primary care doc, Dr. Crawford my GYN, Dr. Shuler my chiro, Dr. Hakeem my dentist and Dr. Schrodt my dermatologist.  Too many doctors in too many locations.  I’d make doctor’s offices like malls.  All are in one location so you can get in and get out.  There’s be sales on certain procedures and they’d be open on the weekend and until 9 during the week.

National relations:  I once bought a Toyota Corolla across the bridge in Indiana.  I had to work hand in hand with those Hoosiers to get the best deal possible.  I can see IN from many parts of Louisville and even party there most Derby Friday evenings.

My name is Michelle Yeager and I approve this message

M.Y.  October 2008



I have a secret to tell you (it’s between you and me – please don’t share it with anyone else).  As you know, my last name is Yeager.  Since the beginning of time, I have grown accustomed to being at the end.  In school, my desk was the very last desk in the last row. When registering for conferences, my name tag was last. There was no need to flip through pages when voting, just go to the last page.  I became kinda territorial over my last name and placement in line.  I HAD TO BE LAST!  There was no pride in being 3rd, 4th or 5th from the bottom.  I hated going somewhere and there being a Greg Zitak or a Rose Young.

Toward the end of my junior year in high school, I realized that I would not graduate last from my class all because of guy named Marc Zorio.  How dare he! Who does he think he is? I was hurt.  My future graduation day would be ruined.  I had to do something.  I didn’t know the guy, so I didn’t want to bring him any harm.  He made it this far so I doubt he would fail his senior year.  Although graduation was a year away I had to devise a plan.  So what did I do?  I ran for Senior Class President!!  Why, you ask?  Because the Sr. Class President gets to receive the first diploma and graduate first!!!!   For my election speech I talked about bringing the class together for our most memorable yet and how I was fully dedicated.

I did become Sr. Class President and did actually enjoy the position….. but most importantly I walked with my head held high at the front of my class as I lead the procession of Waggener High School’s Class of 1994!

M.Y.  July 2007