The Other M.Y.

The Other M.Y.

Nov10-3When I first started my fitness competitions in March 1998 I didn’t know anyone.  Sometimes I would walk up to a group of competitors and ask them if I could hang out with them so I’d know where to go.  I never had anyone in the audience supporting me.  It was just me, the stage and bringing my best package.  When you talk about doing something for yourself – those competitions were all about me.

After my third competition that April I realized that there was this one woman that had been to every competition I had.  We always competed in the same group and she always had a loud group of people cheering for her.  From that point on, I started taking advantage of her crowd.  Her name was Michelle.  Every time we were on stage and I heard “Let’s go Michelle”, I’d imagine that they were cheering for me!

During that competition I finally talked with Michelle backstage.  Not only was her first name Michelle, but her last name was Yatsuk.  I blushed when I told her my secret about her friends in the stands.  Instead of getting mad and walking away, she did something else.

Michelle and I kept in touch for several months.  Although I placed ahead of her in each of those competitions, she always encouraged me and was excited for my wins.  At our next competition in October in Cincy, she let me stay at her house.  Before we went on stage, she told me that she told her friends to cheer for me too!  I finally had some fans of my own.  That was the start of my friendship with Michelle and we always refer to each other as “the other M.Y.”

Two years pass and I’m in the audience at KY Muscle this past weekend here in Louisville.  It was great to see all of my friends compete.  However, the highlight of the competition was seeing Michelle onstage competing.  I sat anxious in the third row.  For once I was able to to yell “Let’s go Michelle!”, “You got this Michelle!” and “Lookin’ good Michelle!”   Michelle ended up winning her group and looked amazing!  I am a better competitor because of Michelle and was proud to return the love and support she has given me over the years.  Not all competitions are about winning, sometimes it’s about helping to celebrate someone else’s success!

M.Y. November 2010

Michelle for 1st lady – no make that president!

   “Michelle for 1st lady – no, make that president!!”

Oct08-2For the past several months I’ve wanted a “Michelle for 1st lady” shirt in support of Michelle Obama (and all the Michelles in the world)!  But the more I’ve watched tv recently, I have decided to set my goals higher.  Heck, it’s not even feasibly possible to be single and a first lady (hence being 1st lady requires your hubby to be the prez).  Now, I too want to be VP.  Keep reading for some of my highlights:

Education:  My grandmothers were teachers, my parents worked on college campuses, I was taught by teachers, I was a teacher and now I help teachers.  Next question.

Risky photos:  I have been spotted in a one piece and two piece swimsuit recently.  My talent is fitness and there is video of my one arm pushups.  There are also plenty of cheerleading photos with short skirts or high school photos with daisy dukes.

International affairs: On a monthly basis I receive emails from various people in Nigeria.  They claim to be my relatives and often seek money for assistance or are proud to tell me I’ve won a large sum in a lottery. I’ve also taste tested guinea pig while traveling through Ecuador.

View on gay marriage:  Who has time to think about if other people should be married?  I’m focused on getting myself married.  I’d require married men to have their rings permanently glued to their finger so they can’t parade around town acting single.  Men and women would both wear a light on their forehead.  If you first meet someone and both lights flash green – there’s potential.  However, it one person’s light turns red – run, run as fast as you can!

Healthcare:  Dr. Lagerstrom is my primary care doc, Dr. Crawford my GYN, Dr. Shuler my chiro, Dr. Hakeem my dentist and Dr. Schrodt my dermatologist.  Too many doctors in too many locations.  I’d make doctor’s offices like malls.  All are in one location so you can get in and get out.  There’s be sales on certain procedures and they’d be open on the weekend and until 9 during the week.

National relations:  I once bought a Toyota Corolla across the bridge in Indiana.  I had to work hand in hand with those Hoosiers to get the best deal possible.  I can see IN from many parts of Louisville and even party there most Derby Friday evenings.

My name is Michelle Yeager and I approve this message

M.Y.  October 2008