A Few Words Mean Everything

     A Few Words Mean Everything

You never think of how powerful words can be.  You never stop to ponder how meaningful or hurtful a couple of words can be to someone.  You never know when you will make a difference in someone’s life.

Kem came to Louisville a couple of weeks ago.  OnyxLouisville gave away several pair of tickets. One of the promotions was through Facebook and it was to vote for your favorite single female.  There were about 18 people that entered.  Each lady was on FB asking her FB friends to vote for her so she could win tickets. But, I noticed something unique about the contest. One of the entrants, Kimberly, went on each of the other entrants page and wrote comments like “Looking good, God bless you”, “Way to go. Win, win, win!”, “Pretty smile, best wishes on winning”…. These were women she is competing against and she voted for each of them while encouraging them to win.  I was in awe of her and I didn’t even know her.  I had an extra pair of tickets, so I called her on Valentine’s Day and offered them to her.  Someone so giving, deserves to be blessed.

Go into the future three days.  Milton and I attend the Kem concert, which was amazing as always.  I sat next to a female that was attending the show solo.  I started small talk with her.  Eventually I asked if she’s take a photo of Milton and I. She asked about iphones, which for some reason lead me to ask if she had grandkids. She told me that she was widowed and that her husband was killed 20 years ago by a drunk driver. He was the love of her life.  She shared many details about the pain she’s felt since his death and what all has happened with the drunk driver.  Then the show started.

Milton gave me sweet kisses on the cheek and we swayed in our seats.  We watched two couples get engaged. Then Kem started signing “I Can’t Get Over You”.  A classic.  As he ooh’d the audience with his vocals, I heard crying.  My new friend sitting next to me was now bawling. I instantly knew that she was thinking about her husband.  I wrapped my arms around her and just let her cry for the rest of the song.  At the end she said, “Thank you so much.” I told her there was a reason we were supposed to sit next to each other and I’m glad I could have been there for her.

The next day while perusing FB, I came across this post from Kimberly.  “Well Daddy, thank you for lifting me up from my depression. I feel like going on. Onyx Louisville gifted me with tickets to Kem and that started the fire. Got my hair did… My brows beat and had a superb weekend. Played hard with my Bunco partners Saturday got a little retail therapy in. Released loads of stress this afternoon at yoga east for meditation and cleansed my soul. Started feeling tuckered out by afternoon but I arrived almost on time and enjoyed unlimited show band the best kept band in the city and Kem just showed out and ministered his way to the people. I’m done. I just want to say “let the church say amen… God has spoken let the church say amen. Thank you Daddy. I’m on purpose and I love you MORE. Bless all my friends and I saw a plenty at the concert. AMEN”

The Kem concert introduced me to two amazing women that deserve nothing but the best.  Kimberly’s kind gestures and simple words to others, helped her get a girls night out with an amazing vocalist.  The lady that sat next to me at the concert was able to converse with me just enough to help me be a shoulder to cry on at just the right time.  As often as you feel like you know everyone in Louisville, there’s always someone else with a story you need to hear.  When’s the last time you said hello or struck up small talk with someone new? Someone probably tried to reach out to you today – but did you open yourself to listen?!

An Amazing Feeling

An Amazing Feeling

Nov09-4One of the most joyous things that I experience with OnyxLouisville is giving away free tickets to the readers.  At first I would just email the winners, but found that impersonal.  So now I always call.  The emotion in people’s voices is sometimes unforgettable and personally brings tears to my eyes.

There was one contest where I asked married men to email in to win tickets to a concert for him and his wife.  In order to test whether or not the man was married, when I called the winner, I simply asked “Are you married?”  To my amazement, the first three guys I called were not married.  They all had girlfriends – which in essence disqualified them from winning.

Then there are other people that I will call and the first thing I say is “Hello, is this ______?”  I guess some people think I am a bill collector because their voice gets a little more distant and defensive.  Then once I explain my fantabulous reason for calling their voice completely changes and they praise God for my call.

This week I made a call that has warmed my Christmas heart.  I asked people why they wanted two tickets to the KEM concert.  Gerri sent me an email about her cousin and her cousin’s fiancé.  They were both celebrating one year of being drug free.  I called Gerri and could tell how much this would mean to her and her family.   I asked for the phone number of her cousin because I personally wanted to congratulate her.

When I called, she had no idea who I was or even what OnyxLouisville was.  I explained that I was giving away a prize and someone thought she was deserving.  I let her know that when people do wonderful things and people believe in you, they want you to be rewarded.  Then, as I told her that she and her fiancé were going to the KEM concert she nearly jumped through the phone.  I could feel (although not see) the tears in her eyes.

That phone call was the chance for me to let her know that the changes that she is making in her life are meaningful and people around her are embracing her every step of the way.  When you make positive changes, positive things happen. I encouraged her to keep believing in herself and continue on the right path.  At the end of the conversation she said “I love you” and to have a happy holiday.  A complete stranger told me that she loved me.   Although I made her day, I pray that Angela also knows that she made mine!

M.Y. December 2009