An Amazing Feeling

An Amazing Feeling

Nov09-4One of the most joyous things that I experience with OnyxLouisville is giving away free tickets to the readers.  At first I would just email the winners, but found that impersonal.  So now I always call.  The emotion in people’s voices is sometimes unforgettable and personally brings tears to my eyes.

There was one contest where I asked married men to email in to win tickets to a concert for him and his wife.  In order to test whether or not the man was married, when I called the winner, I simply asked “Are you married?”  To my amazement, the first three guys I called were not married.  They all had girlfriends – which in essence disqualified them from winning.

Then there are other people that I will call and the first thing I say is “Hello, is this ______?”  I guess some people think I am a bill collector because their voice gets a little more distant and defensive.  Then once I explain my fantabulous reason for calling their voice completely changes and they praise God for my call.

This week I made a call that has warmed my Christmas heart.  I asked people why they wanted two tickets to the KEM concert.  Gerri sent me an email about her cousin and her cousin’s fiancé.  They were both celebrating one year of being drug free.  I called Gerri and could tell how much this would mean to her and her family.   I asked for the phone number of her cousin because I personally wanted to congratulate her.

When I called, she had no idea who I was or even what OnyxLouisville was.  I explained that I was giving away a prize and someone thought she was deserving.  I let her know that when people do wonderful things and people believe in you, they want you to be rewarded.  Then, as I told her that she and her fiancé were going to the KEM concert she nearly jumped through the phone.  I could feel (although not see) the tears in her eyes.

That phone call was the chance for me to let her know that the changes that she is making in her life are meaningful and people around her are embracing her every step of the way.  When you make positive changes, positive things happen. I encouraged her to keep believing in herself and continue on the right path.  At the end of the conversation she said “I love you” and to have a happy holiday.  A complete stranger told me that she loved me.   Although I made her day, I pray that Angela also knows that she made mine!

M.Y. December 2009

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