Black Friday

Black Friday
Dec09-1I hate to shop.  So when I need (well I guess want) to buy something, I do a lot of research before actually purchasing a product. Aside from the joy of eating and spending time with friends and family on Thanksgiving Day is the excitement of all the coupons in the newspaper.  It’s your first exposure to the once a year deals.

This year I was personally searching for two items.  One – a home theater system for my basement. Two- a vacuum.  I quickly found that no home theater system is reasonably priced.  However, there was a decent one listed at HHGregg.  When I went online to further research the product, I found that it was really only $30 off (definitely not worth an early morning fiasco).  I did, however, find another system that had a good discount.   I knew the product I wanted, now I just needed a plan!

HHGregg opened at 4:00am.   I knew I wasn’t about to stand out in the cold as frost gathered on my nose.  So I set my alarm for 3:30am.  Right on time, the alarm went off.  And right on time I hit the snooze button.  3:38 – snooze.  3:46 – snooze.  3:52 – snooze.  4:00am – I realized if I didn’t get out of bed now, I’d miss the possibility of getting a deal.

I threw on some sweats, brushed my teeth/hair and headed out the door.  When I pulled into the parking lot at 4:15, there were no lines outside, but the parking lot was full of cars.  As I went in, I saw why.  There were lines of people looped all throughout the store (each line was at least 40 people deep).  As I went to the electronics section, I saw my preferred item.  It wasn’t a Black Friday special, but was listed on sale on the website.   I asked the sales guy if he knew the price.  He said he ‘thought’ it was on sale.  I politely told him that I was NOT about to stand in line for two hours to buy the product to only be told that it was regular price.

My patience for lines is very short.  I looked at the expressions on the people already in line and could tell that the lines were moving at a snail’s pace.   So I left.  And, then the best thing happened!!!  I drove home and turned on the computer.  I saw the item on sale, selected the ‘pick up at store’ button and paid for it online….  In the heat………. With no line!  I looked at some of the Black Friday items that were in the paper and they too were available for purchase online.  Simply simple and simply amazing.  I then rolled over in my bed, turned off the light and was dreaming sweet nothings.

M.Y.  December 2009

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