It’s All Relative

It’s All Relative!

Nov09-4This weekend I went to an early Thanksgiving dinner with some of my family that came in town.  It was an interesting event because it wasn’t really my immediate family, but more of my family’s family (on the other side).

To my surprise, I received a Facebook message from James Bentley asking if we were related because he’d be attending the same event.  I knew Louisville was small, but was it really that small to now we are all related to each other?

See, my father T. Steve Yeager had a brother named Philip.  My uncle Philip married Juanita Gibson.  Aunt Juanita had a brother named Joe.  Joe married a lady named Tilly (my father was the best man in their wedding).  Tilly has a sister named Margaret.  Margaret’s son is James Bentley.  WOW-O-WOW!!!  So why we are technically not blood relatives, we are all part of one big, diverse family!

The event was held at James’  fire station.  James pretty much cooked all the food for almost 50 people, and let me tell you – THE BROTHA CAN COOK!!!  We had all the fixings you could imagine and the turkey just melted in your mouth.  I heard his wife Adrayna is just as much a champion chef!

I always get a little down during the holidays because I miss my family traditions and aren’t yet in a point in my life where I’ve started to create new ones.  However this weekend showed me that love and family exist in many ways.  The day before this event, my office had our Thanksgiving lunch catered from Huber’s.  It’s always great to kick it with the work crew.  I’ve learned to appreciate every Thanksgiving opportunity.  This holiday season, please remember those with little family or friends around.  Invite them to join you – it may be a small gesture from you, but it could mean the world to them!

Happy Thanksgiving!

M.Y.  November 2009

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